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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3479 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3479 Start

When the ninjas from the four major ninja clans began to assemble and prepare to rush to Eastcliff, many people in Aurous Hill also began to get busy.

At the Shangri-La Hotel.

Ruoli, who also received the news, said to her mother, Roma, at the first moment, “Mom, I want to go to Eastcliff to help Mr. Wade!”

Roma said, “Ruoli, have you forgotten what Mr. Wade explained to you? Your identity is too sensitive, the Japanese are still looking for your whereabouts, and even had Interpol issued a wanted notice for you,”

“If you go to Eastcliff at this time, it is likely that before you can help him, you will already be arrested!”

Roma said: “Ruoli, you listen to mom, stay here peacefully, as for Mr. Wade’s side, mom is now going to Eastcliff to find your grandfather, tomorrow morning,”

“I will definitely go with your grandfather and others, to help Master Wade to face the Cataclysmic Front!”

Ruoli did not hesitate to shake her head and said, “No! I must go!”

“Mr. Wade not only saved my life, but also gave me a great opportunity, and even gave the He family a great opportunity,”

“If I still think about my personal safety at this time, then I can never forgive myself in my life!”

Roma said with difficulty, “But how can you go to Eastcliff in this situation? Now there are face recognition systems everywhere, you may have been discovered before you even get on the plane!”

Ruoli’s words left the mouth: “Can not take the plane, then drive to Eastcliff! We, two people, take turns driving, eleven or twelve hours is estimated to be able to reach there,”

“Almost is tomorrow morning at two o’clock, we arrive, first go to Grandpa, and then tomorrow together with Grandpa on Wadrest Mountain!”

Roma’s face is full of hesitation, at this time also does not know what to do.

But after thinking about it for a long time, she gritted her teeth and nodded, “Okay! Then let’s go!”

Said, she immediately found a pair of masks and sunglasses, handed to Ruoli, said: “Wear these masks and sunglasses, your identity is special, we are not convenient to stop and eat on the road,”

“You go to the car and wait for me, I go to prepare some food, ten minutes later in the car, we will meet! The car is parked in the underground garage of the hotel, it is a tail number 331 Range Rover,”


Since Charlie had arranged for He’s family to stay at the villa by the Aurous Hill River and for Roma to stay with Ruoli at Shangri-La, he had Issac give Roma a car to facilitate her daily commute between the two places.

The mother-daughter duo soon got ready and drove the car, speeding all the way north.


At the same time, Warnia and the Song family’s old man were also ready to go to Eastcliff.

The Song family is weak and does not have any outstanding bodyguards or guards, and there is not even a single three-star martial artist in the family.

However, Master Song still gathered all the bodyguards in the family and, together with Warnia, rushed to Eastcliff overnight.

He knew very well that in the face of such an existence as the Cataclysmic Front, he, as well as the Song family, could not possibly be of much help.

But in order to repay Charlie’s kindness, he still decided to go to Eastcliff with his granddaughter.

Even if they can not help Charlie, at least to stand by him at this critical moment is something they can afford!

As for Warnia, that heart has long crossed thousands of miles, flew to Charlie’s side, the beloved encountered such a crisis.

She has no regard for her own life and death, only wants to see him as soon as possible, no matter what kind of danger next, she will be steadfastly standing by his side.