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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3466 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3466 Start

If the Wade family could not meet Joseph’s demands, Joseph would definitely launch an indiscriminate assassination against the family members.

Moreover, he also believed that Joseph had waited for this day for twenty years, and was definitely not just talking about it.

However, the conditions given by him were indeed too harsh.

This is not a choice between life and death, this is a choice between living and burning with grace.

If the conditions of Joseph were accepted, the Wade family would indeed be able to save their lives.

However, all the dignity of the family would cease to exist.

And as long as the Wade family people were still alive, they would always be the laughing stock of others’ mouths, and even after death, they would be poked by others.

So, he was caught in the most tangled two choices since his life.

All of a sudden, do not know what to do.

And the Wade family behind him, at this time is also a ghost.

For the vast majority of the Wade family, they do not have any real backbone, there is only in the money and status of the backing, which has always existed in their deepest sense of superiority.

Therefore, in the face of the threat of death at this moment, they only want to live.

As long as they can survive, it does not matter whether they lose face or not.

If they can’t, they can take the rest of their assets and leave China, go to a place where no one knows them, and live the rest of their lives in peace.

In this way, it is better than dying in vain under the assassination spree of the Cataclysmic Front.

However, Zhongquan could not accept such a condition.

At this moment, Harmen looked at him and asked in a cold voice: “Old man, how are you thinking about it? Do you agree or reject the conditions of our Supreme Commander?!”

Zhongquan, under great pressure, slowly spoke: “Young brother, please also report back to your Supreme Commander, these conditions are too harsh for our Wade family,”

“Even if I am really willing to give up Waderest Mountain to him, so many Wade family ancestor’s coffins on Waderest Mountain, also need a period of time to be well placed ……”

Saying that, Zhongquan gave a slight beating and said seriously, “Moreover, Changying is my son, I as a father cannot leave my son’s casket to others, moreover, I already let him down once when he was alive, when he died, I cannot let him down again!”

Hearing these words from the old man, Charlie gave Zhongquan an extra look.

One had to admit that Zhongquan dared to say such a sentence at this time, which made Charlie, while surprised, also had a few changes in his attitude towards him.

At this moment, Zhongquan continued: “Also, in order to express our family’s apology to the Wan family, I am willing to bring the old and young members of the Wade family to pay respects after the casket of Arthur and his wife is moved into Waderest Mountain, but if I am so old and bony to wear mourning for them, I cannot accept it!”

“Finally, I can’t accept that I have to take out half of my assets!”

“As I said just now, I am willing to take out ten billion RMB as compensation, if your Supreme Commander is not satisfied, I can turn the RMB into dollars, but this is already the maximum limit I can accept!”

Harmen really didn’t expect that Zhongquan would show resistance to every condition the Supreme Commander proposed, so he questioned him with a sinister expression,

“Old thing, do you think I’ve come over to negotiate with you? I just came over to truthfully convey to you the instructions of our Supreme Commander! You don’t have any qualifications to bargain!”

Hearing these words, Zhongquan had a generous expression of death and said in a cold voice, “If there is no room for bargaining, then I don’t have to negotiate,”

“If your Supreme Commander is not afraid of triggering public outrage, he can come to the Wade family and kill me, anyway, at this age, my death is not enough.”

Charlie’s eldest uncle Andrew heard this, immediately anxious, said in a low voice: “Dad! You can’t be impulsive! This Cataclysmic Front is extremely strong, and all are top experts, and kill without blinking ……”

“Even the chief guardian in front of them are unbeatable, let alone us ordinary people …… you are old, but Morgan, Hawade they are still young ah! “

Zhongquan stared at him and asked in a cold voice: “What? You as the eldest son of the Wade family, do you want me to agree to their conditions?!”