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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 346 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 346 Start

It turned out that the thigh held by Wendy Willson was the chairman of the Eastcliff listed group!

Moreover, the other party’s surname is Willson, is he a relative?

He couldn’t help asking Claire: “Wife, do you know the relationship between the Willson family and this Fredmen Willson? Is he a distant relative?”

“do not know.”

“Strange…” Charlie murmured: “Normally, the chairman of a listed group with a market value of 10 billion can not be mixed with low-end coffee like the Willson family, let alone Wendy. Showing face, is there any adultery in it?”

Claire hurriedly said: “Don’t talk nonsense, that man looks older than my uncle, how could there be any adultery…”

At this time, Wendy, surrounded by the crowd, finally felt that kind of feeling that has attracted much attention!

Fredmen Willson next to her is not only the chairman of the listed group but also the chairman of the Nanguang Chamber of Commerce. All the businessmen present naturally cheered on him and continued to flatter him!

When Fredmen Willson introduced Wendy to them, he used the titles of his niece and future heir to the Willson family, and he also took the initiative to say that he had invested in the Willson Group, and all of a sudden, these people would treat her respectfully!

Even, many people who were too lazy to take care of the Willson family before, in order to curry favor with Fredmen Willson, even offered to cooperate deeply with the Willson family! With a humble face, he handed Wendy’s business cards and exchanged phone numbers.

At this moment, Wendy felt the treatment that the upper-class society and the powerful, and she was naturally excited.

Prior to this, the Willson family was in the construction and decoration industry, and everyone hated it, but after embracing Fredmen Willson’s thigh, it immediately became the object of the construction and decoration industry who wanted to make cooperation.

Shopping malls are really Vanity Fair, so snobbish and realistic!

She couldn’t help thinking of Claire in her heart. Don’t you Claire think you are great? Didn’t you laugh at me for being divorced by the White family? Now I am not only close to Fredmen Willson, who is more capable, but also the director of the Willson Group! Even grandma treats me respectfully, What are you compare to me!

Thinking of this, she immediately thought that Claire, now that she started her own business and set up a studio, should also participate in this kind of industry summit, right? She wonders if she is here yet? !

So she immediately stood on tiptoe and looked out of the crowd, trying to find Claire’s figure.

really! An extremely beautiful figure jumped into her eyes!

It is Claire!

And next to Claire was Charlie’s d*mn rubbish and stinky silk presence!

Wendy gritted her teeth bitterly at this moment.

Claire, today I am going to take back all the humiliation you gave me before, included with all the benefits!

Thinking of this, she immediately took a handful of Fredmen Willson by her side and said, “My cousin and her Rubbish husband are also here, let’s go and say hello to them!”

Fredmen Willson nodded and said dozingly: “Wendy, the two of them insulted you so much before, today I will make them pay for that with double the price!”

Wendy was so moved, she blurted out: “Fredmen, you are so kind to me…”

Fredmen Willson smiled slightly: “I treat you well, isn’t this a matter of course?”

After speaking, he sneered and said, “Where is your cousin and that stinky rag? Take me to meet them. I will teach them how to behave today. By the way, let the entire Nanguang Chamber of Commerce block them. The woman who bullied Fredmen Willson’s girl, I think she is living impatiently!”