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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3453 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3453 Start

Hearing Charlie’s words, Andrew was depressed to the extreme.

He understood Charlie’s meaning, from now on, whether he lives in the Wade family, whether he stays in Eastcliff or not, he has officially returned to the Wade family.

Andrew cursed in his heart: “This kid is a bit disgusting when he does this ……”

But, in front of the old man, he did not dare to say a word.

So, he could only smile and say, “Good good! Just come back!”

The old man turned to Charlie and introduced his third uncle Changyun, fourth uncle Changjun, aunt Cynthia, and youngest aunt Laila.

When Cynthia was introduced, Cynthia’s expression was very attentive, and said with an excited face, “Charlie, aunt has waited for you for so many years, and you’ve finally come back! The spirits of your parents in heaven will be very relieved!”

Saying that, fake choking a few sounds, but just no tears flowed down.

Charlie has also long been accustomed to Cynthia this set, she is after all the noble origin of the Wade family daughter, using the more popular words, this is definitely an old princess.

The old princess has been arrogant and domineering all her life, and never needed to bow to anyone, so the acting skills are not very good, but also understandable.

After all, this kind of old princess, usually does not have the energy to study and improve her acting skills.

Charlie can also see that she has tried her best to act, it is the tears really do not listen.o

So, he also smiled faintly and said politely, “Thank you, aunt.”

It was the youngest aunt, Laila, who hadn’t spoken, who didn’t say a word but her eyes were already red.

When Elder Wade was introducing her, her tears were already taut, holding Charlie’s hand while crying and choking, “Charlie, come back this time, don’t ever leave again ……”

Looking at the young aunt in front of him, who is about forty years old, Charlie could not help but recall his childhood in his heart.

Aunt Laila is a full round older than himself, when he was small, he was a child, she was an older child.

At that time, he was very sticky to her, because she would take him to play every day after school.

And she in turn was very sticky to her dad, because of several older siblings, she had the best relationship with him.

And Charlie’s father also doted on the youngest sister, basically treated as a daughter in general, giving whatever she wanted, so the two siblings, although the age difference is quite a lot, but the relationship was really very cordial.

In Charlie’s memory, the younger aunt’s character is very lively and cheerful, and unlike Cynthia have so many small mind.

At that time, Cynthia got close to Andrew and deliberately distanced her father.

The reason was that she felt that the future heir of the Wade family would definitely be Andrew as the eldest son, so she had already developed a sense of standing in line early on.

On the contrary, Laila had never had those complicated thoughts.

When Charlie followed his parents to leave home, Laila was attending school abroad, and Charlie’s memory of her was still stuck in the picture when she graduated from high school and everyone sent her abroad.

At that time, the younger aunt, or a young girl, and now, has also reached the age of confusion.

Seeing the true feelings of this relative, Charlie could not help but sigh in his heart, and said respectfully,

“Aunt, don’t worry, I came back this time to recognize my ancestors, and even if I leave Eastcliff temporarily, I will not break off my ties with the family.”

With these words, his meaning was already very clear.