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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3451 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3451 Start

Since both the Wade family and the Gu family prepared a motorcade, Philip simply let the Gu family’s motorcade follow as well, to help Charlie hold up more of the scene.

On the way to the Wade family, Leon personally drove Charlie’s car and told in detail about today’s Helena accident.

After listening to it, there are only three feelings in Charlie’s heart.

First, Helena concealed the truth, indeed an ill-intentioned.

Second, the Wade family dumped the pot is indeed a bit shameless.

Third, Helena and the Wade family can reach a consensus on such a basis, proving that both sides are human beings, none of them are frugal.

In addition, he could also deduce that Helena’s current situation should have been the end of the road.

On the one side, the Wade family is hardly willing to let her pass through the door, while on the other side, the royal family members who threatened her with her mother’s life are unlikely to let her go back easily.

Now one can say that she is in a dilemma.

But Charlie did not want to help Helena.

One, she is not familiar, the second is that although she is pitiful but too heavy-minded.

This kind of person, is not suitable for too much contact.

When twenty Rolls-Royces drove into the Wade family with great pomp and display, Zhongquan had already led all the members of the Wade family and personally came out to greet them.

In the crowd, Helena has changed into a very formal dress, and put on very decent makeup, completely shifting from the fact that she just walked through the ghost gate.

At this time, for Zhongquan, the mood is particularly excited.

For Charlie, Zhongquan has many expectations.

Not only because of his impenetrable strength, as well as him against the Su family, in the Middle East to show the kind of destructive momentum.

It is because of Charlie’s mastery of bringing people back from the dead and returning to youth.

Not to mention the fact that Helena biting her finger to save her life happened just over half an hour ago.

This time the entire Eastcliff high society, until now, wants to understand, how Philip in the end changed from a dying pancreatic cancer patient at an advanced stage, into a perfectly healthy, and even twenty years younger person.

It is a pity that Philip kept his mouth shut and did not say anything to the public, even to his close friends, he did not reveal the slightest.

Others do not know the reason, but Zhongquan knows.

He knew that it was all Charlie’s doing.

Because, Charlie had personally said to Cynthia.

Just for this, Zhongquan is willing to grovel to Charlie.

If he could get twenty years of life promotion in exchange for his groveling, it would be the most cost-effective deal he had ever made in his life.

However, no one else in the family, except Cynthia, understood what the old man was doing.

It was just as well to let Charlie come back, after all, he was the first relative of the Wade family.

But the old man personally brought all of Charlie’s uncles, aunts, and siblings to welcome him at the gate, this kind of self-degrading practice was unacceptable to these people.

However, Zhongquan didn’t say anything and didn’t let them say anything.

When the others saw him come out, they could only follow honestly.

Soon, the vehicle Charlie was riding in came to a stop in front of the Wade family.

He looked out of the window at Zhongquan and the Wade family in two rows behind him, and felt a lot of emotions in his heart.

Back then, his parents left the capital in anger with him, and none of the Wade family members saw them off at that time.

Now, twenty years later, he has returned, but the Wade family, led by the old man, all out in a line to welcome.

The two contrast, how ironic!

And at this time, Charlie sat in the car and did not mean to get off.