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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 345 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 345 Start

Early that morning, Claire got up very early and put on makeup.

After putting on makeup, her eyebrows were so beautiful that Charlie was particularly moved.

But he asked strangely: “My wife, you usually go to work without makeup. Why put on makeup today? Is there anything important?”

On weekdays, Claire always has her face upright. That’s because her face is already beautiful when she is not covered with pink and white, so she rarely wears makeup.

Claire replied earnestly: “Today is the summit of the Aurous Hill decoration industry. Come with me. Our company has just opened. It is rare that the organizer will invite us. This is a good opportunity to emerge in the industry. We must perform well and strive to gain a foothold in the industry.”

Charlie asked a little surprised: “Who sponsored it? We just opened, why would the invite us?”

Claire smiled and said: “It is hosted by the Emgrand Group. Miss Doris sent me an invitation letter.”

“No wonder” Charlie usually doesn’t care about the group’s affairs, so he didn’t know that Emgrand was actually the organizer of this summit.

It is estimated that Doris deliberately organized such a summit because his wife’s company had just opened and wanted to help his wife’s company expand its popularity.

To put it bluntly, it is to set up a stage for his wife to sing.

After Claire put on her makeup, she found Charlie a suit to put on before taking him out.

When they arrived at the meeting place, it was already overcrowded. There were middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes and beautiful beauties with them.

Charlie didn’t have much contact with the decoration industry, so he didn’t have any acquaintances, but Claire had been in contact with this industry in the Willson Group before, so when she came in, she met many acquaintances to say hello.

Accompanying Claire to send out a circle of business cards, Charlie suddenly found that the crowd seemed to be surrounded by a middle-aged man at once, and a large group of people surrounded them and praised them.

Charlie’s eyes were sharp, and he saw at a glance that the strange middle-aged man was carrying Wendy next to him!

He couldn’t help but asked Claire curiously: “Wife, isn’t the Willson Group bankrupt? What is Wendy doing?”

Claire also took a few glances and shook her head: “I’m not very clear. I heard from my mother that the Willson family has made another investment in the past few days, and some businesses are running normally.”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning.

Invest in the Willson family? Who is not so long-eyed?

Not to mention their conflicts with the Willson family, Warnia, Solmon White, and Qin Gang all know that, even if they don’t, they should have heard that the Willson Group has been blocked by the Emgrand Group. At this time, investing in the Willson family is not a brain disease. ?

At this moment, two people were whispering to each other, one of them said: “Hey, that is Fredmen Willson, the chairman of Future Company Group!”

“He is Fredmen?!” Another person exclaimed, “It seems that the president of the Nanguang Chamber of Commerce is him?”

“Yes, it’s him!”

“How can a person from Eastcliff become the chairman of the Nanguang Chamber of Commerce?!”

“Future Company Group also has a lot of business in Nanguang, and the main reason is that the Song family did not compete with them for the position of chairman. Otherwise, the chairman must belong to the Song family.”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning.