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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3441 Free Novel

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Hearing this, Morgan’s body jolted and he blurted out, “Grandpa, do you want me to send her back personally? I still have to attend the ancestral ritual!”

Zhongquan blurted out, “After such a big incident, if our Wade family just let the doctor send Helena back, it will definitely fall into the limelight.”

“You are the eldest son and grandson of the Wade family, and her fiancé, you can fully represent the Wade family!”

“Moreover, by taking the Concorde, you can arrive in Northern Europe in four hours, you can return immediately after handing her over to her family.”

“And you can return this evening or at the latest in the early hours of tomorrow, without delaying your participation in the ancestral ritual.”

Speaking of this, Zhongquan also urged: “Helena is your fiancée, if you do not send her back, the Nordic royal family will certainly pick a thorn in your side.”

“And the word will have a great impact on your reputation! You are young, you can’t just carry the label of a transnational negative-hearted man!”

Andrew on the other side also immediately said, “Yes, Morgan! This matter must be done by you! Otherwise, you will be cursed to death by the world!”

Morgan couldn’t help but curse in a low voice, “D*mn bad luck!”

After saying that, he realized that he had said the wrong thing and hurriedly said, “Sorry grandpa, sorry dad, I was a bit anxious just now, don’t mind.”

Zhongquan waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, hurry up and take Helena to the airport, remember to coax her a little on the way, don’t let her get emotional again, make sure she gets back to Northern Europe alive, understand?”

“Understand understand ……” Morgan nodded his head in a hurry.

At this time, Director Morris hurriedly returned to the resuscitation room.

Zhongquan looked at Morgan and said offhandedly, “Morgan, you go in with me and calm Helena down!”

Morgan had to nod his head and went into the resuscitation room with Elder Wade.

As soon as he entered the room, Director Morris said offhandedly to several doctors, “All of you hurry up and prepare emergency drugs, emergency equipment as well as oxygen machines and oxygen cylinders.”

“We will leave for the airport in fifteen minutes and then fly to Northern Europe without stopping!”

As soon as the people heard this, they immediately scattered and went to prepare.

Helena was lying weakly on the hospital bed, looking at Zhongquan and Morgan, and asked with a bitter smile, “Are you going to send me back?”

Morgan nodded his head and said stiffly, “Helena, we have an old saying in China that says that leaves return to their roots, you are in such a bad condition, we have to send you back home before your condition deteriorates even further.”

Helena gave a miserable smile and said, “Okay …… thank you for your kindness …… but I’m afraid I won’t last until the plane lands in Northern Europe ……”

As soon as Morgan heard this, his face was instantly green, the most fcuked up thing about this kind of thing is that as long as Helena can’t last till home.

Even if she is short of breath a second before the plane lands, this matter is also the responsibility of the Wade family.

Zhongquan also knows this well.

If Helena is only a member of the big Nordic families, this is fine, after all, is a private matter between the two families, but Helena is the Nordic royal princess.

Even if the royal family has long been no political rights, but after all, is also a political symbol of the region, it is impossible to completely circumvent the political factors.

Once the issue reaches a political level, this matter is not a private can easily solve!

Zhongquan was in a dilemma.