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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3437 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3437 Start

At this point in the room, there is still no response.

Morgan some suspicion, can not help but again increased the strength of the hand, hard tap on the door, shouted: “Helena, are you there?”

There was still no movement in the room.

At this time, the door of the next room opened and two young women came out, one with a Nordic face and one with a Chinese face.

Morgan recognized them, these two women, were the attendants Helena brought over from Northern Europe.

So, he opened his mouth and asked the Chinese girl: “Where is your princess?”

That Chinese girl opened her mouth and said, “In the room.”

“How is that possible!” Morgan frowned and said, “I knocked on the door for half a day, but no one paid attention, did she go out?”

“I don’t think so.” The girl spoke: “If the princess wants to go out, she will usually tell us.”

Then, she also came over and knocked hard on Helena’s room door and shouted, “Your Highness, Your Highness, are you there?”

There was no response in the room.

The girl’s expression suddenly changed and she immediately took out her pocket room card and swiped it at the door, which opened with a sound.

Immediately, the two girls rushed in one after the other.

Morgan hurriedly followed in, but before he entered the room, he heard a panicked shout inside: “Your Highness, wake up, Your Highness!”

When Morgan rushed in, he saw Helena lying on the living room carpet, completely unconscious.

The Chinese girl immediately began to skillfully perform heart compressions on Helena’s heart, while urging Morgan: “Call an ambulance!”

“Oh oh oh ……” Morgan then came back to his senses, he still did not know what the hell was going on, but he could only hurry to take out his cell phone and dial the emergency number first.

As soon as the phone connected, the operator immediately asked: “Hello, emergency center, how can I help you?”

Morgan said in a panic: “Uh …… that …… I someone on my side has fainted …… uh… …need an ambulance!”

The operator hurriedly inquired, “Yes, please tell me the address?”

Morgan said offhand: “The address is the Shangri-La Hotel …… room number is …… room number …… oops crap, I can’t remember it all of a sudden ……”

The Chinese girl shouted, “8th floor! 8108!”

Morgan was busy saying, “Oh oh, 8th floor, 8108!”

The operator said, “Okay received, Shangri-La Hotel, 8th floor, 8108, and also what is the patient’s condition that caused the fainting?”

“What cause?” Morgan said confused: “This …… I do not know …… is fainted, unconscious …… “

That Chinese girl shouted, “Congenital heart disease! Severe tetralogy of Fallot! Please immediately send emergency personnel over, please contact the hospital with cardiology emergency ready to receive her!”

Morgan all listened frozen, thinking in his heart: “Helena has congenital heart disease? Or is it severe? That Charlie was really fcuking right?

While Morgan was in a daze, the operator on the other end of the phone had already heard the Chinese girl’s voice and hurriedly said, “Yes, I’ll arrange it for you! Please make sure you keep the phone open!”

At this time, the Chinese girl said to the Scandinavian girl in front of her again, “Emily, Her Highness is in a very serious condition, please go get the defibrillator!”

“Yes!” The girl immediately ran back to the room, and ten seconds later, she ran in with a first aid kit.