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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3436 Free Novel

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Olivia sneered, “Good! You might as well say it and listen.”

Helena said word by word: “I can join hands with the Wade family, help you attract the Wade family’s funds, but you must let my mother come to China, I want to receive her into my care!”

Olivia snorted coldly as if she had heard a big joke: “Helena, you are simply being whimsical. Do you still not understand why you have to go to China alone and attend the ancestral ceremony of the Wade family?”

“It’s to keep you and your mother apart, so for your wedding with Morgan, although the royal family will send many representatives to attend, they will definitely not let your mother go there!”

Speaking of this, Olivia laughed lightly: “From now on, you will not be allowed to return to Northern Europe half a step.

Nor will she be allowed to leave Northern Europe half a step, until one of you dies! If you dare to come back, then neither of you will have a good time!”

Helena’s entire body had nearly collapsed!

Only now did she understand that the royal family had asked her to come to China early to attend the Wade family’s ancestral ceremony, but it was actually with this idea in mind!

“So, Olivia had already started planning this a long time ago!”

“Separating me from my mother and using her as blackmail to force me to give in, Olivia, you are really a devil!”

Furious, she immediately yelled, “Olivia, you can’t do this! If you don’t send my mother to China, I will never marry Morgan!”

Olivia said disdainfully, “Whatever, anyway, your mother is now under surveillance by my people, she has no chance to leave the palace half a step.”

“If you don’t marry Morgan as promised, then your mother will completely disappear from this world, no one knows where she goes, no one even knows whether she is dead or alive!”

Speaking of this, Olivia laughed harshly, “So, do you think I will kill her, or kill her?”

Helena’s brain was instantly dizzy, and she only felt that the speed of her heartbeat had far exceeded the load of her heart itself.

She felt that her physical condition at this time was worse than ever before, and she could only say in a trembling voice, “Olivia, if I die of a heart attack in China, will you spare my mother?”

Olivia sneered, “Stop acting for me here, I asked your health care doctor, he said you should still be able to live for three to five years.”

“The Wade family is also the top family in China, they should have a way to help you treat and make you live a little longer.”

Olivia threatened, “Helena, my good sister, just now, your mother has been taken away by my guards under house arrest.”

“From now on, you do not think you can contact her, you live well in China, do your luxury noblewoman things, as long as you honestly cooperate, your mother will also be able to live longer!”

“I still have a lot of things to deal with before I ascend the throne, so that’s all for now my sister!”

After Olivia said this, she didn’t wait for Helena to say anything and hung up the phone directly.

By this time, Helena’s whole person had completely collapsed.

She immediately called her mother, but her mother’s cell phone was turned off.

She immediately called the room’s landline, but it was unanswered for a long time.

At this moment, Helena’s whole body was incomparably desperate.

She only felt her heart beating faster and faster, and also more and more chaotic, the huge pressure rushed straight to her head and chest, making her brain more and more dizzy, and also more and more difficult to breathe.

Then, she felt a blackness in front of her eyes, and her whole body instantly collapsed to the ground, completely losing consciousness.

Just then, Morgan, who was wearing a black suit, stepped to the door of Helena’s room.

He pressed the doorbell and waited patiently for a while, but finding no movement inside, he simply tapped the door and spoke, “Honey, I’m Morgan, I’m here to pick you up, are you ready?”