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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3428 Free Novel

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Thinking of this, Helena could only toughen up her attitude and said with some dissatisfaction,

“Ms. Wade, I know you also have a good intention, but you suddenly brought a bunch of experts over and forced to give me a medical checkup.”

“This is also a bit unjustified, right? Although I am about to marry Morgan and become the daughter-in-law of the Wade family, I should at least have basic human rights.”

Cynthia said with a smile, “Oh Helena, that’s too serious, how does it go up against human rights?”

“No one wants to deprive you of your human rights, just want to give you a checkup so that you don’t have any health problems.”

Helena said very seriously, “The most direct response to human rights is that if I don’t want to undergo a medical examination, then no one can force me to undergo a medical examination.”

“If I don’t even have this freedom, if this basic human right is not respected, then I really have to seriously consider this marriage!”

Seeing Helena’s strong reaction and escalating the nature of the matter, Cynthia couldn’t help but sigh in her heart:

“This Helena, she’s even playing with me to get to the top of the line, and she’s even trying to put me in my place, she’s smart enough! It seems that she is determined not to accept the medical examination!”

Thinking of this, Cynthia also knows that she certainly can’t force her now.

Otherwise, it is possible that this princess of the Nordic royal family will simply shake off her hand and go home.

And Helena’s attitude also made her more and more firm in her judgment.

“It seems that this Helena, may also really have some kind of physical hidden ……”

Thinking of this, she also did not dare to make a rash decision, and could only apologize to her: “Dear, Helena, I really did not expect you to be so sensitive about this matter, sorry!”

“But you should not be angry, I do not have any intention of forcing you, medical examination of such things is originally for your health, but the premise is certainly to respect your personal wishes, since you do not want to check, then we do not check!”

Helena heart was finally relieved, her expression also eased a few points, said: “Sorry, Ms. Wade, I’m not angry, just think in this matter, I deserve to be respected, just now the words are a little presumptuous place, I hope you can understand.”

“Understand understand!” Cynthia nodded repeatedly and smiled, “I certainly understand what you mean.”

“That’s good.” Helena spoke, “Ms. Wade, I’m a bit sleepy and would like to rest and sleep for a while, so if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to my bedroom.”

Cynthia smiled and said, “Fine, fine, you go back and rest, take a good bath, and sleep, I’ll have Morgan come and pick you up for dinner at home tonight.”

Helena smiled reluctantly, “Let’s talk about it in the evening.”

“Okay, let’s talk about it in the evening.” Cynthia spoke, “In that case, then I’ll leave you alone for now, you have a good rest.”

“Okay.” Helena then said, “Then Ms. Wade, take care, I will not see you off.”

Cynthia waved her hand: “No need to send off, no need to send off, you go back quickly, I’m leaving too.”

With that, she watched Helena return to the room and close the door behind her before she turned around.

Just turned around, the smile on her face instantly disappeared.

Stepping out a few steps, she just met Leon who came from the elevator with eight experts.

So she immediately said to Leon: “Leon housekeeper, don’t come over, go down directly with this elevator.”

Leon was surprised and asked, “Miss, what’s wrong? The medical examination is not done?”

Cynthia just half-smile with Helena, the heart is depressed, said in an unpleasant tone:

“Still do a fa.rt! Her Highness said that we should respect her human rights, and her human rights are that she doesn’t want to undergo a medical examination.”

Saying that, Cynthia spat, discontented muttered: “A small European country’s princess only, but also fcuking with me here! I think she’s so vain, she must have something to hide that she doesn’t dare to let us know!”

Leon nodded and respectfully asked, “Miss, what should we do now?”

Cynthia impatiently waved her hand: “What else to do, of course, is to go back! I think there must be a fraud in the princess, I have to go back and talk to the old man face to face!”

Speaking of this, with an expression unhappy, she continued: “Marriage with the royal family is certainly a good thing, but if they give us over a sick child, we can not just take it!”

“If you marry here three or two years to die here, then the Europeans will not be able to scold us to the heavens ah?”