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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3411 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3411 Start

Hearing that Morgan suddenly wanted to take her to the airport, Helena looked at him with some confusion and asked in surprise, “Going to the airport now? What’s the matter?”

Morgan explained, “Here’s the thing, I have a cousin who has been wandering around for twenty years, and he’s coming back to Eastcliff for the first time today, so Hawade and I are going to pick him up at the airport.

As soon as Helena heard this, she nodded without hesitation and said, “No problem, it’s the right thing to do.”

Zhongquan nodded and smiled gratefully, and said, “Okay, in that case, the three of you will go over together.”

After saying that, he instructed Leon, “Leon, hurry up and prepare the caravan.”

“Yes, Master!” Leon nodded and hurriedly left the villa first and began to gather the caravan to prepare for departure.

Morgan opened his mouth and said to Zhongquan, “Grandpa, then we will also go out and wait.”

“Good!” Zhongquan nodded and instructed, “Remember, make sure you get Charlie back!”

Morgan was busy saying, “Okay grandpa, I know.”

After saying that, he gave a wink to Hawade and said to Helena, “Honey, let’s go.”

Helena said somewhat apologetically, “Sorry, I didn’t know I was going to a public place before, so my makeup is a bit casual, if I go to the airport like this, it’s not quite in line with the family’s makeup requirements for us in public.”

“I may have to borrow the restroom to simply fix my makeup, please wait for me for a few minutes.”

Morgan nodded his head very gentlemanly and said, “No problem, we’ll wait for you at the door, there’s still plenty of time, you don’t need to rush.”

Helena nodded gently and went to the nearest bathroom alone immediately.

Hawade lowered his voice at this time and asked Morgan in amazement: “Brother, is this Nordic royal family so much to talk about? To go to public places and special makeup requirements?”

Morgan lightly laughed and said, “The rules of the European royal family, not to be more than our Qing dynasty palace head, they have a set of clothes, accessories, the royal family instrument teacher to play a good label.”

“What clothes correspond to what occasion, what necklace corresponds to what environment, cumbersome can be a book, who does not comply with the rules were caught in the bag, and punished within the royal family.”

Hawade could not help but sigh: “This royal family is different, hundreds of years of noble education to have so much preoccupation.”

Morgan skimmed his mouth, said with a little disdain: “Those small countries of the royal family, since the modern era have turned into a constitutional monarchy, the days are getting worse and worse.”

“The strength is not much stronger, all rely on the poor preach, with our Eastcliff old saying, is fcuking pretentious!”

Hawade laughed and agreed: “Brother is right, it is indeed pretentious!”

Morgan hurriedly added: “Eh, I’m talking about their royal family these fixed systems, but not your sister-in-law ah!”

Hawade panic also hurriedly said, “That is that is that is, I am also talking about their gang of old rotten, nothing to do with sister-in-law.”

Morgan nodded and walked out of the villa while talking with Hawade and stood in front of the courtyard waiting for the convoy to gather.