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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 341 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 341 Start

Wendy was slapped by the Lady Willson and ran out, but before she ran out of the yard, she was stopped by Noah Willson.

Noah Willson persuaded her to come back, but she couldn’t follow her life and death. She always felt that she had fallen into this field. The great responsibility lies with Mrs. Willson. If it weren’t for her, how could she be so miserable?

So, she was angry for a while, wishing to run away from home, the farther the better.

But her father’s words still let her dispel the idea.

Noah Willson said earnestly: “Wendy, where are you going to run away from home? You don’t even have a job, and there is no place to live outside. You are a girl, so you can’t go out to rent a house and work at this time, right? Your grandma did something wrong, but what else can we do now besides sticking to your grandma? After all, she is the head of the Willson family!”

Wendy was silent for a moment, thinking about her father’s words repeatedly.

If she leaves the Willson family, she really has nowhere to go. She can’t wander the streets, right? After all, she is the second young lady of the Willson family in the eyes of others. If she wanders on the street, wouldn’t she be laughed at?

So she could only say aggrieved: “Dad, grandma is too domineering and authoritarian, or let’s move out.”

Noah Willson sighed and said, “Move out? Now, if you move out, there will be nothing left. Your grandma can live for a few years at most? When she passes away, this villa and some other assets of the Willson family will belong to our family. , This is our house. If we move out and your second uncle and his family come back, what should we do? Then there will be nothing?”

Wendy suddenly realized.

Don’t look at Claire’s family now, the relationship with the Lady Willson is stinky, but if his family moves out, they are likely to take advantage of it.

Thinking of this, Wendy burst into tears aggrieved, and said: “But it’s not a way to keep going like this, I can’t stand her anymore.”

Noah Willson had no choice but to comfort her: “Don’t think about it so much. After all, there are guests at home. We can’t let the guests read the jokes. When the guests leave, Dad will give you a little money, and you will travel and relax.”

Wendy nodded slightly, then agreed, saying: “Okay”

When returning to the villa with her father, Mrs. Willson had just sent Fredmen Willson into the guest room herself and walked downstairs alone.

Seeing Wendy’s return, she hurried forward and said apologetically: “Wendy, it was a bad grandma just now. Grandma made an impulse and apologize to you. I hope you can forgive your grandma!”

The Old Mrs. Willson also hoped that Wendy could get Fredmen Willson, so when Wendy came back, the first thing she did was to take the initiative to apologize.

Wendy didn’t expect that grandma would take the initiative to apologize. This is extremely rare for a tough grandma for a lifetime, so she felt a lot more comfortable.

Old Mrs. Willson took Wendy’s hand, went to sit down on the sofa, and said earnestly: “Wendy, our family is facing very big difficulties now, do you know this?”

Wendy nodded: “Grandma, I know.”

“You are now being divorced by the White family, and it has become a joke for Aurous Hill. Although grandma doesn’t want to mention this, this is the truth. You should know it in your heart?”

When it came to this, Wendy couldn’t help crying again.

The whole Aurous Hill knew that she was a woman who was divorced by the White family, so if she wanted to marry a wealthy family in her life, it would basically be impossible.

At least, it’s impossible in Aurous Hill.