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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3409 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3409 Start

Hearing that the old man asked him to pick up Charlie as well, Hawade’s heart was a million times reluctant.

But there was nothing he could do even if he was reluctant, even his cousin Morgan had compromised, so how could he dare to continue to resist.

So, he could only agree honestly.

At that moment, the servant came running to report, “Master, Young Master, Princess Helena is here.”

When Morgan heard that Helena had arrived, his gloomy face was slightly eased.

This Princess Helena is Morgan’s fiancee, the princess of the Nordic royal family, Helena Iliad.

Although the Wade family and the Iliad family have reached a consensus on marriage, but after all, the two are not yet officially engaged.

So for reasons of etiquette and fear of paparazzi media gossip everywhere, the Wade family did not arrange for Helena to live in the Wade family villa.

After coming to Eastcliff, Helena has been staying at the Shangri-La Hotel in Eastcliff, but she often visits the Wade family during the day and sometimes travels around Eastcliff with Morgan.

Morgan is very fond of Helena, not only because she topped the title of the Nordic royal princess, so she is very dignified, but also because Helena herself is a European beauty with excellent image, temperament, and figure.

At this time, a tall, wearing a white demure dress, long blonde hair like a waterfall on the shoulders of the white girl, stepped in.

Her skin is whiter than snow, with a crystal luster, the pair of large azure eyes, more like the sea as deep and moving, high nose, thin red lips, simply like a finely carved work of art, no matter the appearance or body, are said to be rare in the world.

Her appearance made the entire Wade family living room seem to become much brighter in an instant.

Helena is five years younger than Morgan, just twenty-four years old this year.

She was the eldest princess of the Nordic royal family, and was originally also the first in line to the throne, but for some reason, she was later erased from the royal family’s heirship, which is why she was brought into a marriage with the Wade family.

If she was still the heir to the throne, the Nordic royal family was unlikely to let her come to Asia for marriage, and will definitely choose a prince who had hope of succeeding to the throne for intermarriage among the royal families of other European countries.

When Morgan saw Helena, he immediately greeted her with a soft smile on his face and gently opened his mouth, and asked, “Have you eaten breakfast, my dear?”

Helena nodded shallowly and replied, “I have already eaten.”

After saying that, she looked at Zhongquan and slightly saluted, “Hello, Mr. Wade.”

Then, she greeted Morgan’s father Andrew, third uncle Changyun, fourth uncle Changjun, and aunts Cynthia and Laila one by one.

When Zhongquan saw that she was so sensible, he smiled gratefully and said, “Helena, you don’t have to be so formal at home, let alone call me Mr. Wade, just like Morgan, just call me Grandpa!”

Helena asked with some embarrassment, “I heard that according to the Chinese custom, is to officially change your name only after marriage ……”

“Yes!” Morgan’s father Andrew couldn’t help but laugh: “Helena, according to the custom, it is true that you should change your mouth only after you formally enter the family.”

“But we don’t have so many preoccupations in private, sooner or later we are a family, early change also seems more intimate.”

At the side, Cynthia said laughingly, “Oh, big brother, you haven’t paid Helena to change her name yet, and you want her to call you dad first?”