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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3407 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3407 Start

Zhongquan looked at the group of people in front of him and shook his head gently.

He knew that these people all lacked understanding of Charlie, and at the same time were worried that he would divide their established interests after his return, so they would say such words, trying to confuse their own audition.

However, an old fox like him, how could he be influenced by these people.

Charlie’s real ability, in the Wade family only two people know.

Among them, Cynthia knows some, and Zhongquan knows more.

After Cynthia was brutally beaten in Aurous Hill last time and kidnapped by father and son, Noah and Harold, Charlie said some things about himself in front of her.

Including curing the terminally ill Philip, killing the eight heavenly kings of the Wu family, and even in Japan, helping the Ito family laugh to the end in the midst of the chaos.

And Zhongquan, in addition to knowing these, also knows that Charlie was able to go deep into Syria alone, rescuing a woman from the opposition base, and moreover, with his own strength, captured and threw Zynn to Syria.

Zhongquan even knows that Charlie went to Syria two days ago and brought Zynn back in the midst of the chaos.

Moreover, in the past few days, it was reported internationally that an organization called the Cataclysmic Front had suffered a major defeat in Syria, and Zhongquan vaguely felt that it might have something to do with Charlie.

However, these things, he never said to the rest of the family.

The reason for not talking about it is because he has not yet figured out Charlie’s preferences.

If Charlie is happy and wants to save face, then tell his family about his deeds in advance, and they will be in awe of him and patronize him, which is naturally all happy.

But Charlie is the only one who acts extremely low-key.

If he makes those things about Charlie known to everyone in the Wade family, in case Charlie has a grudge against him, it will make him reject the Wade family.

As for Cynthia, although she obviously also knows a lot, but the reason she did not talk about it to the other siblings is, because deep inside her heart, she completely deliberately wants the rest of the family to despise Charlie.

Cynthia has not yet divorced her husband, whose family has also fallen on hard times, so what she desires most now is to get a share of the family’s assets.

The more this happens, the more she can’t wait to see several brothers in the family, and their children fighting each other.

If early on the gang all know Charlie’s ability and fear of him, then how can they still fight with him?

If they didn’t fight, how could she, a daughter who had carried out long ago, take a share in the family?

At this moment, Zhongquan had enough of these people’s slanderous words and said in an icy manner,

“All right, I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear what you just said. From now on, whoever says such nonsense in front of me or in front of Charlie, don’t blame me for being rude to him!”

When Morgan saw that the old man was not moved, he could not help but say, “Grandpa, I know that you owe Charlie a lot in your heart, but I’ll say it from the bottom of my heart, you can’t be too spoiled with Charlie!”

“He has been away from the Wade family for so many years, not only has he not attended any school, but he also lacks basic rules and upbringing, and last time my aunt was kind enough to go to Aurous Hill to help him solve his marriage problem.”

“But how did he treat her? He put her under house arrest in a shantytown in Aurous Hill during the New Year. If you want him to return to the Wade family, you have to set up rules for him!”

After saying that, he looked at Cynthia and deliberately urged, “Aunt Charlie was so rude to you, he didn’t treat you as an elder at all, do you think we should set rules for him?”

When Cynthia heard this, she hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Morgan you must not say that, last time to Aurous Hill, it was my fault in the first place, that matter can not be blamed on Charlie, to blame is also my own failure to consider thoroughly ……”

Morgan’s eyes were about to fall to the ground.

He looked at the terrified Cynthia and sighed in his heart, “Is this still my fcuking aunt who is so arrogant and domineering that no one in Eastcliff knows about her?”

“In the past, she would fight for her life even if a hair was missing, but after taking such a big blow from Charlie, how come she doesn’t have any thoughts of revenge?”

Thinking of this, he asked with resignation, “Aunt, don’t you think that Charlie was too much for you at first? Aren’t you angry with him in your heart?”