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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3406 Free Novel

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At this time, Zhongquan saw Charlie hang up his phone, his heart was more or less unhappy.

But he was still clear about Charlie’s reason for doing so.

He also knew that Charlie did not want to officially change back to the identity of the young master of the Wade family yet.

If only as a grandfather, he really did not want to force Charlie when his second son had died so many years ago and he could not easily find his grandson’s whereabouts.

Let Charlie live his life happily, it is not a good choice.

That would not only be good for Charlie himself, but also for his parents, if they knew in heaven, they would also be very relieved.

However, he is also aware of his other identity, he is not only Charlie’s grandfather, but also the head of the Wade family.

Since he is the head of the Wade family, he must take the interests of the Wade family as the core.

As a direct descendant of the Wade family, Charlie had to return to the Wade family and serve the interests of the family.

What’s more, Charlie is the future son-in-law of the Gu family, and from this point of view alone, he is even more important to the Wade family.

Therefore, Zhongquan intends to do everything possible to keep him this time, whether Charlie is willing to return to the Wade family or not, as long as he comes.

And this time, Zhongquan has already made preparations.

He planned to arrange for some photographers to participate in the ancestral ceremony in plain clothes on the day of the ceremony, and let them take some photos and videos of the ceremony, and then select the best ones and give them to the media to publicize them.

That way, not only can show the strength and style of the Wade family to the people of the country, but also expose Charlie along with other Wade family descendants.

He felt that once Charlie’s identity as the young master of the Wade family is exposed, then it would be impossible for him to return to his previous identity as the orphaned Charlie.

Thinking of this, he gathered his family together and spoke with unconcealed excitement, “Haha, Charlie has taken off to Eastcliff! He will arrive in an hour or so!”

“He has been away from home for almost twenty years and is finally coming back! This is really a great fortune for my Wade family that has not happened in more than ten years!”

Cynthia, who originally still had a pleasant face, couldn’t help but shiver when she heard the word, Charlie.

Charlie’s eldest uncle, Andrew, spoke up at this time: “Dad, that’s a bit harsh, of course, it’s good that Charlie is back, but it’s not a great fortune for our Wade family that hasn’t happened in more than ten years!”

Zhongquan laughed and said indifferently, “You don’t understand the potential in him.”

“I don’t understand?” Andrew said with some disdain, “In the end, isn’t Charlie just making a small name for himself in Aurous Hill? Indeed, I heard that he has met a few people outside, but in the end, this is still not on the stage.”

“You see he seems to be mixing well in Aurous Hill, coming to Eastcliff, he really does not have much opportunity, if Aurous Hill is a river, then Eastcliff is the sea, he arrived here, I’m afraid he simply can not adapt.”

“Yes, grandpa.” Andrew’s son, who is also Charlie’s cousin Morgan, also spoke up at this time,

“Grandpa, I know that you want Charlie to return to the Wade family, and also have high hopes for him, but I’ll be honest, in this circle of Eastcliff, there is really no space for Charlie to develop.”

Saying that, he continued to analyze with a serious face: “You take my usual circle of play, which one of us has not studied overseas for many years, know a lot of knowledge?”

“Most of them stay in the United States, Britain, the least is also an Australian, education, master’s degree is just an introduction, many are doctoral in economic management.”

“But Charlie, with only one year of college, not even a university diploma, comes to Eastcliff, how to integrate into these circles?”

Morgan’s cousin, also Charlie’s cousin Hawade also spoke up and agreed: “Yes, grandpa, although Charlie is a Wade family member, but in the end, he only has a relationship with the family in the bloodline, the rest, basically, are not in!”

“I think you should not have too much hope for him, because the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment!”