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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3392 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3392 Start

Harmen hurriedly said, “Supreme Commander, this group of our men are mercenaries themselves ……”

“These people used to be in special forces of various countries, and they do have a strong sense of collective consciousness and collective honor when they serve their homeland with allegiance ……”

“But …… but that’s not a feeling that is born out of nothing ……”

“That is the love and loyalty to the motherland that they have accumulated since childhood, 20 or 30 or even 30 or 40 years ……”

“But after they became mercenaries, their purpose is very simple, it is only to make money…”

Harmen said so much in a row, could not help but sigh, and said: “This is like those women who have fallen into the red dust, people did not go to sea before they talk about feelings, but since they came out to sell, is to make money.”

“If we do not give money, but also want them to talk to us about feelings, it is really not very realistic ah ……”

Joseph heard this, expression is red and white.

He naturally knows the meaning of Harmen’s words, he also understands.

Not paying money and still wanting mercenaries to serve you is a fool’s dream.

However, he really couldn’t accept any greater loss now.

If all the people were gone, how could the Cataclysmic Front develop in the future?

It’s just that this group of people is really a bit too unfeeling.

This just went wrong, and immediately demanded that they must be paid at 70% of their normal salary.

For these tens of thousands of people, the cost of one day’s payroll would be more than $100 million.

In addition, the 15,000 people in Syria, also have to spend money to find a way to rescue, plus the war has caused huge losses, the amount will increase geometrically.

The most fcuked up thing is, now countries are not willing to cooperate with the Front, the follow-up income is almost completely cut off, who knows how long it will stop before there is a turnaround?

At this rate, the losses before and after this time, billions of dollars may not be able to suppress.

Thinking of this, Joseph’s whole body was extremely hard to bear.

Cataclysmic Front encountered such a major difficulty, but he could not go to solve it immediately, this feeling of being unable to do anything about it made him suffer a lot more.

At this time, Harmen opened his mouth to persuade: “Supreme Commander, I think you might as well agree to their request, extraordinary times, more cost is acceptable, the United States of America’s Blackwater has been trying to poach our people.”

“They have orders from the White House in several countries in the Middle East, short of manpower, if we do not stabilize the army, I’m afraid they will just jump ship to join the Blackwater!”

Joseph with a cold face nodded, said: “Just do as you say, let everyone withdraw from the front line after the first each rest, rest of this period, we pay according to 70% of the pay, the other things, wait for me to return!”

After saying that, he looked at the date on his wristwatch and said with a silent expression, “Today is already April 2, the last three days left before the Qingming Festival.”

“I strive to solve the problem on April 5, the day of the Qingming Festival, and on April 6, April 7 at the latest, we can depart for Syria!”

“No problem!” Harmen said without hesitation, “By then, we will k!ll together to go up to Waderest Mountain, and after forcing the Wade family to give up Mountain, we will immediately move your parents’ coffins in on the 6th of April!”

Joseph waved his hand and said coldly: “Time is running out, we don’t have to wait for April 6th. The day after tomorrow, you will come with me to invite my parents’ ashes out and put them into the coffins I have prepared.”

“On the fifth day, carry my parents’ coffins up to the Mountain, so that my parents can be present to witness how I brought the Wade family to their knees and threw Changying to the ground!

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the most out of your life.