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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3389 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3389 Start

Just now, he was still analyzing with the Hogwitz father and son, and concluded that the visitor would not be a member of the Su family, Shoude, at this time, really had a dog’s face.

He never dreamed that the “new neighbor” brought in by Orvel’s men would be his elder brother, Zynn!

Steve Hogewitz on the side was a little disappointed.

He was just looking forward to the red carpet, expecting coming from the red carpet, is his own elderly mother.

As a son, the heart so looking forward to it is indeed a bit unjustified.

But Steve is also very clear in his heart, now except his old mother, no one can save him and Walter out.

And, to beg the Ruthschild family is useless, after all, their surname is not Ruthschild.

Mom in front of the Ruthschild family has not much status, they will not care about his and his son’s death.

The only possibility to get the Ruthschild family to take action is that Mom is also captured by Charlie over.

But now it seems that this hope is completely dashed.

So, he couldn’t help but sarcastically tease Shoude, bristling, “Old Su, you’re a fcuking crow’s mouth!”

Shoude laughed twice and ignored him.

Shoude, how can he have time to talk with him, he is still immersed in the shock of seeing his elder brother Zynn.

Of course, in addition to the shock, Shoude’s heart at this moment, can not help but have some mixed feelings.

Happy for the reason that, when he was locked up here, he thought Zynn was not here and enjoying in Australia.

For this reason, he felt unbalanced and depressed.

Worry is, even big brother Zynn is caught here, that proves that the Su family in front of this guy Charlie has no resistance.

If he wanted to leave this place, he is even more hopeless ……

Steve saw Zynn, he also felt gloomy and collapse.

He did not know Zynn, but since the person who came was not from his own family.

It proves that his family is not looking for him now, or has not yet found the right clues.

In this case, it is even more difficult to know when and how long it will take to get out of here.