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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3386 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3386 Start

Charlie blandly said, “This one is more obedient, let him follow Jiro and learn how to clean.”

“Let him work well here in these two days, and the day after tomorrow I will take him with Zynn.”

“Okay!” Orvel nodded and said to another henchman, “Go, call Jiro over.”

Soon, Jiro, who was wearing a waterproof apron and holding a large broom in his hand, ran over with a faint heart and when he saw that it was Charlie.

He said with an excited face, “Mr. Wade! You haven’t been here for a while!”

Charlie smiled slightly and asked him, “Jiro, how have you been these days?”

Jiro said, “Very well, very well, very well! Mr. Orvel and his men are very good to me, but serving that Walter is indeed a bit troublesome, but it does not matter, it can be overcome!”

“Walter ah ……” the corner of Charlie’s mouth rose slightly, this Walter, is the one who poisoned Doris’s father, caused his kidney failure almost killing him terribly.

Seeing Jiro mention him, Charlie opened his mouth and asked, “How is he doing now?”

Jiro said with a smile: “That dog thing, now can only lie in a bed every day, eat, drink, sh!t and even for dialysis can not leave the bed.”

“His old man Steve and he live in the same kennel, but the old man is getting old, and not much can take care of Walter.”

“Hmm.” Charlie nodded slightly and spoke,

“You behave well here, and later let Orvel give you a better standard of living, and by the way, reduce some of the workload.”

When Jiro heard this, he immediately said with unbridled excitement, “Mr. Wade, you …… are you telling the truth?”

Orvel reached out and gave him a not-so-gentle slap on the head, in the spirit of the face said,

“Jiro, Master Wade’s words you still need to doubt? When has he ever not kept his word?”

Jiro covered the back of his head and he laughed: “Master Wu is right, Master Wu is right!”

After saying that, he hurriedly looked at Charlie and gratefully bowed deeply to him and said, “Mr. Wade, thank you so much! Thank you!”

Charlie smiled and said to Orvel, “Orvel ah, I see that you really run this place well, the formerly arrogant and domineering Jiro has become so polite now.”

“It is evident that he has really undergone the baptism and reshaping of his soul here, from now on, you should continue to make efforts!”

Orvel, a little embarrassed, with a smile, said: “Master Wade, you praise, I also learned from you, grace and power! If they are obedient, we will treat them better.”

“If they are not, we will treat them more severely, so that each one of them can come in and reform themselves and become a new person.”

On the side of the Jiro heart depressed, can not help but think:

“Da*n, I am not what soul baptism and remodeling, obviously a person under the eaves have to bow down ah ……”

“But if you can put me back to Japan, let me re-inherit Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, I can not be so lowly then “I’m not going to be able to do this!”

With this idea of him, Jiro’s hatred for Charlie grew a few more points thicker.

Charlie looked at him, as if he had insight into his psychological activities, so he said to Orvel:

“Jiro can reach this point today, it is not easy, for this kind of positive transformation of advanced individuals, we need more rewards.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The moment he heard this, Jiro, who was still hating Charlie in his heart, somehow had tears running down his face.

He looked at Charlie with an unbelievable face, his heart could not help but choke: “Da*n …… me …… what is wrong with me …… obviously hated Charlie ah Ba5tard!”

” Why …… why do I now feel …… again that he is full of the care of a loving father and the glory of humanity …… this… …Is this the damn Stockholm syndrome?”