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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3385 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3385 Start

Just as the government army captured 15,000 elites of the Cataclysmic Front in one fell swoop, causing a huge stir in international public opinion, the Wade family’s slender, white swan-like Concorde airliner landed smoothly at Aurous Hill Airport.

When the plane came to a stop at the end of the runway, a helicopter had been waiting in the parking space for a long time.

The two people Charlie brought back from the Middle East this time were both very sensitive.

Zynn is the son of the Su family, since he disappeared, the entire Su family, and even the entire society is searching for his whereabouts.

Once the news of his appearance in the country at this time leaks out, it will definitely cause a huge sensation.

As for Walter, there may not be many people who know him at home, but there are too many people abroad who know him.

He is one of the four battle commanders of the Cataclysmic Front and is highly known overseas, and he has 15,000 men under his command, just been captured by the Syrian government forces, which makes him famous in a different way.

That’s why Charlie asked Issac to arrange a helicopter in advance, and as soon as the plane landed.

He immediately used the helicopter to take these two people to Orvel’s dog farm, without any outside contact during the whole process.

Before these two people even got off the plane, they were already covered with thick black hoods to ensure that even with any surveillance camera system, it would be impossible to capture their faces.

Subsequently, Charlie dragged the two down from the Concorde and directly boarded the long-awaited helicopter.

Immediately afterward, the helicopter left the airport at a great speed and ran towards Orvel’s dog farm.

Orvel’s dog farm, one after other renovation and expansion bouts, now the internal scale is getting bigger and bigger, more and more functional, and the degree of secrecy is also getting higher and higher.

After the helicopter stopped at the central apron inside the dog farm, the entire apron was like an elevator, slowly sinking to the ground.

Followed by a large row of folding shades pulled up from above, completely blocking the lift entrance.

Hearing that today Charlie will bring two guests over to stay for a few days, Orvel rose early at dawn to prepare and is now waiting for his arrival at the bottom of the apron.

As soon as he saw Charlie, Orvel immediately stepped forward and said, “Master Wade, the guest room you want is ready, and one of them is next to that Shoude.”

“Very well.” Charlie nodded, took off the black cloth bag on Zynn’s head and said to Orvel:

“This is Zynn, Shoude’s elder brother, the two brothers should not have seen each other for a while, let’s arrange for the two to reunite first.”

“Okay, Master!” Orvel immediately greeted his believer and opened his mouth and ordered, “Take him to 105!”

“Okay, Master!” The beloved henchmen respectfully answered, then they stepped forward and dragged Zynn, sternly commanding, “Follow me, don’t dawdle!”

Orvel then looked at Charlie’s side at Walter Chen with a black cloth bag over his head, and respectfully asked Charlie: “Master Wade, what about this one?”