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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3378 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3378 Start

Charlie’s mind at this time is thinking, this man Joseph, is seeking revenge on the Wade family, what exactly is his relationship with Wade family’s people.

Is it the old man Zhongquan? Or the eldest uncle Wade Andrew or other Wade family members?

In Charlie’s opinion, Joseph is similar to himself in age, if it is really the Wade family who killed his parents, it must have happened at least ten or twenty years ago.

At that time, in addition to grandfather and uncle, the Wade family still had a mainstay, which was his own father, Changying.

Therefore, he also secretly wondered in his mind, this Joseph’s enemy, could it be his own father.

Only, this question, Walter certainly does not know, and there is no point in asking him.

Immediately after, Charlie thought of the Wade family’s upcoming ancestral ritual.

Joseph suddenly wanted to seek revenge on the Wade family at this point, could it be that he had chosen this moment for the ancestral festival?

After all, this is the grand ceremony of the Wade family only once every twelve years, and if he had an undying grudge against the Wade family, it would be logical for him to choose this day to lash out at the Wade family.

Thus, he asked Walter, “Did Joseph not make any demands to you, such as the day before which you must arrive in Eastcliff?”

Walter nodded repeatedly and said, “It was mentioned that I must arrive in Eastcliff by April 3rd.”

“April 3rd ……” Charlie’s eyes narrowed slightly, with a hint of coldness in his eyes, “April 5th is the Qingming Festival, according to you, this Joseph must want to do something on the day of the Qingming Festival.”

Walter said respectfully, “What exactly is Joseph’s intention, this is really not very clear to me.”

Charlie hmmed, then he asked Hamid for the satellite phone and called Leon.

Once the call came through, Leon asked, “Hello, who is this?”

Charlie said, “Housekeeper Leon, it’s me, Charlie.”

“Young master!” Leon was surprised and asked, “Why are you calling from an overseas phone? Oh yes, I heard that the master’s Concorde has gone out again, so it should be taking you to the Middle East, right?”

“Right.” Charlie spoke, “Housekeeper Leon, I’m calling to find you because I want to consult with you about one thing.”

Leon humbly said, “Young master, you can ask, I will answer everything and say everything!”

Charlie asked him, “Have you ever heard of a man named Joseph Wan?”

“Joseph Wan?” Leon pondered for a moment and said, “Young master, I don’t think I’ve heard of it.”

Joseph’s father, Arthur Wan, was not even famous in Eastcliff, just a dog who followed Zynn, and when Arthur Wan had an accident, his son Joseph was still a child, so not many people knew about him.

Charlie asked him again, “Then let me ask you, did the Wade family have any conflicts or contradictions with people surnamed Wan a decade or two ago?”

“The one surnamed Wan?” Leon thought for a moment and spoke, “Yes! In the beginning, there was a person named Arthur Wan beside Zynn.”

“He had some conflicts with your father in order to stand up for Zynn, and later competed with your father in the futures market”

“But finally lost everything, and then he jumped to his death, and his wife also followed and committed suicide by taking poison ……”

“About this matter, your father was very guilty, although it was Arthur’s initiative to provoke, and your father was also righteous in the futures market defeated him.”

“But your father still felt Arthur’s death, he thought he was responsible for a certain ……”