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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3375 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3375 Start

When Charlie returned to Hamid’s base by helicopter, Hamid, who had learned of his return trip in advance, couldn’t wait to come out to greet him.

As soon as Charlie got off the chopper, he couldn’t wait to come forward and asked, “Brother! My scouts said that the drones saw that the government troops seemed to have captured all the people of the Cataclysmic Front, what is going on?”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “The government army has flipped with the Cataclysmic Front, now all the soldiers of the Front have been captured, and they have also promised to make a truce with you.”

“In the future, if there are no special circumstances, you try to maintain a neutral stance with them as long as possible.”

Hamid was a little confused for a moment and opened his mouth to ask: “Brother …… how could they flip with the Cataclysmic Front? This …… is too sudden, right ……”

Seeing that he was shocked, Charlie then told Hamid in detail what happened.

Hamid listened to the whole person dumbfounded, said offhand: “Brother …… after you left, I envisioned countless possibilities, but also did not expect this kind of thing to happen ……”

Charlie laughed: “I didn’t expect it either, what I had thought was that I would go and put Walter under control and then coerce him to escort me and Zynn out.”

“But to my surprise, I saw that the state of affairs in the Cataclysmic Front had been revealed and he took the initiative to attack that Sayid, just giving me a chance to wipe them out.”

Hamid couldn’t help but give Charlie a thumbs up and exclaimed, “Brother Wade, you’re really setting aside a thousand pounds with four pairs of hands!”

Saying that, he couldn’t help but ask Charlie, “Brother, do you think I really want to call a truce with the government forces?”

Charlie nodded and said firmly, “Of course we should call a truce, you should not think that you have a strong defense force and a lot of strategic reserves now.”

“Even if you have more, there will be a time to run out, it is absolutely no good for you to continue the stalemate.”

Hamid said awkwardly, “Actually, I’m not saying that I must fight them to the end.”

“It’s just that I am afraid that their willingness to call a truce now is just a kind of delaying tactic, in case they free up their hands and start hitting me again, what will I do?”

Charlie said seriously: “I let you stop the station, but did not let you surrender, once the truce, you can still continue to expand your armament, continue to build your defense, and after the truce, they will certainly no longer surround you.”

“You can resume the transport of supplies, and even hire more construction teams to help you build your base, so that your strength will also grow stronger and stronger. Even if they flip-flop one day, you will have more initiative.”

Hamid thought about it carefully and found that what Charlie said did make sense.

No matter how strong one’s strategic reserves were, the days of being under a deadly siege by the enemy were always the most dangerous and difficult.

Since the other side would withdraw their troops after the truce, it would be like giving him a chance to catch a breath, and he must seize this opportunity to continue to improve his defense capabilities.

So, he said excitedly, “Brother, I understand, don’t worry, I will definitely do my best to build the base more solidly!”

Charlie nodded slightly and spoke again, “I believe it won’t take long for Sayid to personally come over to sign the armistice agreement with you.”

“I have already asked him to bring Walter over with him then, when you have signed the armistice agreement, I will take Zynn and Walter back to China.”

Hamid asked, “Brother, why so hasty? Not staying for two more days?”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “No, I still have a lot of things to do back, especially since the Qingming Festival, which is dedicated to paying respect to our ancestors in China, is coming up.”

“I have to go back to pay respect to my parents, so I won’t delay here any longer.”

Saying that, Charlie also unapologetically continued: “And your place is too hard conditioned, nothing to do here, not even a tourist attraction, I stay here for two days is not meaningful, so I’ll first go back.”

Hamid smiled and said, “Brother is right, my place is really not interesting, the conditions are also relatively poor, but you can rest assured that after the truce, I will immediately start a new round of infrastructure construction.”

“When the time must be in the mountain body digging a few high-grade rooms out, when you come over next time, you must be well entertained!”

Charlie smiled on the surface and agreed, but in his heart, he was secretly muttering, to this kind of place, he really does not want to come back in the future.