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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3367 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3367 Start

Walter heard Charlie’s words, first stunned, then sneered and said, “You think very well, but it is impossible for him to get his life back!”

After saying that, Walter added: “Even if …… even if you tell this matter …… to the highest level of the government army now …… they …… they will not believe your side of this story …… you are the enemy!”

“The only one who can make …… the highest level of the …… government army …… believe this matter is only him!”

“But …… he’s dead! Dead people are …… never able to say anything!”

Charlie skimmed his mouth and said indifferently, “Fortunately, it’s only a few minutes, it’s not cold yet, there is still salvation.”

“Impossible!” Walter could not hide his shock and said: “Although I did not use my full strength, but his heart has been badly bruised, not even if gods descend to save him!

Charlie smiled and asked him: “The reason you didn’t use your full strength just now. It was because you wanted to frame me, right?”

Saying that, Charlie said to himself: “Just now I was wondering, how can one say that this old dog is also a six-star martial artist, if you really use all your strength to punch out.”

“I’m afraid it could directly punch a bloody hole out of his heart, and the reason you deliberately used less force in your hand must be to reduce other people’s suspicion of you and facilitate the framing of me, right?”

Walter said stiffly: “That’s right, I …… am going to frame you! Let you and Hamid carry this black pot! If you k!ll me, this black pot you will carry more solidly!”

Charlie snorted and said, “You think too much, no one can make me carry the black pot yet!”

He added: “Don’t worry, I won’t k!ll you either, because you are still of great use to me!”

Walter sneered, “Humph! You are nothing more than …… nothing more than wanting to hold me hostage and then escape from here, in the end, you are also a gutless rat!”

Charlie stretched out a finger to gently shake a few times, laughed: “You guessed wrong, originally I really thought so, but really did not expect, you fool, but the dog jumped to the wall, take the initiative to the government commander, you are not giving up all the initiative to me?”

Speaking of this, Charlie raised his eyebrows and laughed: “So instead of holding you hostage and escaping, I now intend to lend you a hand and finish off all 15,000 of your Cataclysmic Front’s men in the Middle East!”

Walter chided out, “Lend my hand? Stop dreaming! I would rather die than betray my own brothers!”

Charlie sneered and said, “Whether you will betray or not is no longer up to you!”

After saying that, he stared into his eyes and sternly shouted, “Kneel down for me!”

As soon as these four words were uttered, Walter felt an inexplicable power surge into his brain, and immediately after, his legs involuntarily went soft.

Charlie sent his spiritual energy into his brain. But because he hadn’t replenished his spiritual energy well for days, so much so that the energy in his body wasn’t really abundant, the constant output made him almost in an overdrawn state.

The good thing was that at this time, Walter had become a ruined person, so it was not too difficult for Charlie.

But even so, he was thinking in his heart that he would have to put the refining of the Cultivation on his agenda when he returned, and it would be best to refine it as soon as possible.

Otherwise if he encountered this kind of six-star martial artist or seven-star martial artist again, without the help of spiritual energy. He can only choose to fight hard.

At this time, Walter, feeling the mysterious power into the brain stronger and stronger, despair in his heart, because do not know why, his knees, seemingly uncontrollable directly then kneeled on the ground.

He was almost on the verge of tears and asked in despair, “This is …… what’s going on …… you …… what did you do to me ……”

Charlie said in a cold voice: “I’m going to use aura to give you a brainwash.”

Saying that, Charlie elaborated, “I will seal all of your personal consciousness, but don’t worry, after the seal, you will still retain all of your memories, except that your body will be completely disconnected from your consciousness. Your body will obey my command in everything;”

“At that time, although your consciousness is aware of everything, there is nothing you can do about it.”

“In other words, your consciousness will be completely sealed in your brain, and as long as I don’t stop, you will never be able to free yourself.”

Walter’s whole person was immediately desperate to the extreme, his eyes were full of endless panic, crying out and asking, “How do you …… you have aura?! Isn’t that a power that only exists in legends?! What the h3ll are you …… you?!”

Charlie shook his head. Coldly smiled: “I am your father!”