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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3358 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3358 Start

So, he took Charlie and boarded the helicopter that had been prepared long ago and headed to the other side’s frontline command.

After flying for about ten minutes, the helicopter slowly landed in front of a piece of movable houses.

The conditions were indeed much better compared to the tents.

Moreover, both the tent and the activity board room are covered with camouflage cloth, from the sky, is a dense camouflage, it is difficult to distinguish where is the officer station.

After getting off the plane, Victor took Charlie, all the way to the frontline meeting room of the Cataclysmic Front, while walking, Charlie was asked: “You brother, still do not know what to call you? Where are you from in China?”

Charlie said indifferently, “Ask what you should ask, don’t ask what you shouldn’t.”

Victor’s teeth are almost clenched, but can only say awkwardly: “Not …… later I have to introduce you to our commander ah, we always say a name, right?”

Charlie casually said, “My surname is Wade, you guys call me Master Wade on the line.”

“Master Wade ……?” Victor looked at Charlie dumbfounded, although he could not see his face, but at least he could see from his eyes that he was not joking.

Victor was embarrassed in his heart, thinking: “What the hell is this man, the ability to pretend is really unheard of, but also Master Wade, the great what division? What master? What Outstanding master?”

Although his heart was not happy, Victor said respectfully, “So it’s Master Wade, nice to meet you, I’m Victor Xu, three-star battle General of the Cataclysmic Front!”

“Three-star battle General?” Charlie asked curiously, “Sponsored by Korea?”

Victor asked with a dumbfounded look, “Mr. Wade …… Oh no, Master Wade, what do you mean by …… …… I don’t understand ……”

Charlie said casually: “You do not say you are a three-star battle General? Let me ask you, is this name of yours sponsored by the Korean Samsung Group?”

Victor wanted to die, explained offhand: “Master Wade you are too good at joking, three-star battle General is the star level of our Cataclysmic Front battle General, the lowest one star, the highest five stars, I am three stars, so it is three-star battle General.”

Charlie listened to this and could not help but frown, thinking in his heart: “This Victor is a two-star martial artist, if a two-star martial artist can only be ranked as a three-star warrior in the Cataclysmic Front, then does a four-star warrior have to be at least a three-star martial artist?”

“Or maybe a five-star has to reach the strength of a four-star martial artist? Then their Supreme Commander, at least, must have the strength of a five-star martial artist or even higher, right?”

“If this is really the case, then the strength of the Cataclysmic Front is indeed horrible, so many martial families in the country, currently only the He family’s Elder He has managed to break through to a four-star martial artist with my help.”

“But the Cataclysmic Front must have at least multiple four-star as well as four-star or higher martial artists.”

Thinking of this, Charlie opened his mouth and asked, “I heard that when we were fighting the other day, our soldiers killed one of your five-star warriors? That person’s strength should be quite a bit stronger than yours, right?”

Victor gritted his teeth and said, “What you are talking about, is our five-star battle General, he was far above me in strength, and was one of the strongest among our hundred or so war officers ……”

Charlie smacked his lips, shook his head, and said, “Tsk, it seems that even strong strength is afraid of bullets, ah, half a lifetime of hard training, but the result was killed by a native Syrian illiterate who does not know a word with one shot, do you say loss?”

When Victor heard this, his heart was even more furious.

He had a good personal relationship with Robin, and now that he heard the other party being sarcastic about Robin, he was naturally very annoyed.

However, what Charlie said made him unable to refute, and besides, the sarcasm about Hamid’s men not being able to read and write came out of his own mouth just now.

The strength of their army is very strong, if there are really a few soldiers with machine guns strafing him, he really has a good chance to escape and kill each other back.

However, in the last battle of Robin, he and many of the elites of the Cataclysmic Front were surrounded by multiple fire points, heavy machine gun bullets in all directions to form an all-round forming a fire network.”

“The kind of heavy machine gun with a caliber of 12.7 mm, even a ten-ton African elephant can be killed in one hit.

Therefore, even if Robin was a five-star battle General, he was simply powerless to return to Heaven.

Victor’s inner hatred for Charlie was already monstrous, and almost forcing him to resist the urge to pull out his gun, he gritted his teeth and brought Charlie to the door of the conference room.

Afterward, he knocked on the door and someone inside spoke, “Come in.”

Victor pushed the door in and said to a Chinese sitting in an upright position, “Commander, Master Wade, the negotiator sent by Hamid, has arrived!”