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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3353 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3353 Start

As soon as the phone was connected, Joseph asked Walter straightforwardly, “What is the good news to tell me?”

Walter said apprehensively, “Supreme Commander …… today that Hamid found a middleman to come over and said he wanted to make peace ……”

“Peace talks?” Joseph immediately said angrily, “He and the soldiers under him are responsible for the more than 2,500 soldiers of my Cataclysmic Front who sacrificed their lives, I will not accept any other result than wiping them out completely!”

Walter mustered up the courage to say, “Supreme Commander, the problem now is that we can’t even chew that Hamid, the only way is to hold on here.”

“It’s not a good thing to go on like this! Our daily economic losses are very serious. It’s just a little more than worth it to go on like this ……”

Joseph sternly: “As long as you completely surrounded them, do not leave any chance of escape, it will not be long before they themselves will certainly be chaotic, even if not dead.”

“They will not last too long! A group of old men from the Middle East mountains, how can they fight a long-lasting war with us at this time?”

Walter stifled a sigh and said, “Supreme Commander …… but the key problem is that Hamid has long stored a sky-high amount of strategic supplies, other I dare not say more, with their current amount of supplies, 10,000 people can last a full year.”

“There is certainly no problem. But we have no way to stay here with him for a whole year, ah, and now the government side of the army is also going to give up ……”

Saying that, Walter then gave a detailed report of his current situation with Joseph.

When Joseph heard these situations, the whole person burst out of anger.

He cursed almost furiously, “Walter! I have never suffered such a big loss, never lost such a big number of men, and never put myself in such a passive situation in all the years since the establishment of Cataclysmic Front! You’ve really broken several records in a row!”

Walter was also full of grievances at this time, and said painfully, “Supreme Commander, I admit that I was indeed a bit gullible before, I did not expect to meet a decent opponent in Syria.”

“I am willing to accept your punishment at any time, but the key problem now is that this Hamid has surrounded himself in an iron barrel, and also prepared a large amount of food supplies, our 15,000 people are simply in a dilemma!”

“If the government forces withdraw and only our people are left here to surround Hamid, the situation will be even more embarrassing, the government forces will only pay for the mercenaries who work for them, and we have not only suffered a defeat after coming here.”

“Also if we stay against their wishes, they will probably also turn against us because of this, then it will not be worth the loss ……”

Joseph was so angry that he could not wait to go to Syria personally and break that Hamid into pieces, because he knew that as long as this Hamid died, his armed would definitely be completely disintegrated, and then all problems could be solved.

However, he looked at the cheap coffins piled up in front of him. In his heart, he could not help but admonish himself that he must not be distracted and distracted at this critical moment.