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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3348 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3348 Start

Walter cursed furiously, “These ba5tards! Are they here for war or for vacation?”

The adjutant said helplessly, “Commander, although they are here to fight, you should know. They don’t like fighting hard battles themselves!”

Saying that, he added: “The grassroots soldiers of our organization are the purest mercenaries.”

“They train and fight for their lives in order to earn more money to enjoy life, otherwise. Who do you think would be willing to risk so much to run out and do this kind of work?”

Walter had nothing to say for a while. He was well aware of the current situation of the Cataclysmic Front.

Although it was true that the Cataclysmic Front has four battle commanders as well as hundreds of starred battle officers, the tens of thousands of ordinary officers and soldiers have joined the Cataclysmic Front almost exclusively for the sake of profit.

For these mercenaries, there is no loyalty to the Cataclysmic Front to speak of, people just think that this organization’s income, scale, and popularity are good, so choose to sell their lives for more profit.

Therefore, this group of people will not endure humiliation and forge ahead for the future of the Cataclysmic Front.

What they care about is only themselves.

At this time, his adjutant added: “In addition to the accommodation piece, in fact, it is also understandable, you think about it. We do not know how long this siege will last, three or five days, or ten days and a half months.”

“We should be able to accept, gritting their teeth in the tent to survive, even if the problem of power supply can not be solved, but if this day will continue for two or three months or even longer. Then everyone is certainly not willing to live in a tent for these months ……”

Speaking of this, the adjutant reminded, “Commander, the summer in Syria will soon arrive, when the daytime temperature is easily thirty-seven or even forty degrees, everyone living in tents will not be able to resist at all ……”

The adjutant’s words made Walter feel extremely pressured.

The difficulty of solving the problem of food is not too big, he can purchase food from Israel, whether it is steak or vegetables and milk, Israel can be a stable supply, it is only a matter of spending a million dollars more a day.

However, the modular mobile home is really not a good solution.

Modular activity board house, and the domestic site with the kind of activity board house although of the same nature, but not a thing, not only the construction process is more complex, supporting more features, and manufacturing costs are geometric growth.

If you want 15,000 people to live in this kind of house, and a stable power supply, the cost must be at least tens of millions of dollars.

Thinking of this, Walter was so helpless that he could only tell his adjutant: “Go back and tell them to be patient, after April 5th, maybe the Supreme Commander will personally come to Syria to solve these problems, in that case, everyone will only need to hold on for another week or so at most!”

Walter excused using Joseph’s name, sort of temporarily put off the gang’s request, but he has been torn in his heart about this.

For him, he didn’t want this matter to be solved by Joseph in the end, because then it would mean that he had failed extremely completely in Syria.

Therefore, he still hoped in his heart that he could find a way to solve the problem personally.

In this way, he could also preserve his position as a battle commander.

When the adjutant heard this, he couldn’t help but say with some concern: “Commander, does this matter have to be solved by the Supreme Commander himself? In that case, it’s really a bit unfavorable for us!”

Walter said annoyedly, “If we don’t have a good solution for Hamid, then even if I don’t want him to come, he won’t care about me!”

Just as he finished speaking, the commander of the government army hurriedly came in and said out of the blue, “Chen, Hamid dragged someone to bring me a message, he wants to start peace talks!