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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3345 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3345 Start

Charlie felt that really let himself in the army, to search for the whereabouts of the opponent’s supreme commander, and even have to control the other party, which is really not very realistic.

Other than that, he still doesn’t know who the opponent’s top commander is and what he looks like.

When more than 10,000 people are inside, even if he can successfully infiltrate, it’s difficult to find the other and determine their identity within a day or two.

But think about this problem from another angle. It is not so complicated.

He can go directly to him.

Once Hamid heard Charlie’s words, the whole person exclaimed, saying: “How can this workBrother? This kind of thing is surely ninety percent deaths, how can you go and take this risk?”

Charlie smiled blandly and said, “As your negotiator, I will go to meet with the other side in a big way, what’s so life-threatening about it? Do you think they will kill me?”

Hamid said offhandedly, “It’s not that there’s no such possibility! The other party now hates me to the bone, and may really take it out on you!”

Charlie laughed: “It won’t happen. There is an old tradition, two countries at war, do not kill the envoys, and this is also the basic principle that all countries in the world adhere to now.”

“Just like the Geneva Convention, since it is stipulated that no deliberate killing of medical personnel on the battlefield, all countries must comply with this basic principle, like the two fascist countries in World War II did not comply with any conventions, in the end, I believe you are also very clear.”

He added: “If the Cataclysmic Front can develop to this scale and wants to take root in the Middle East, then they will definitely abide by these basic principles.”

Hamid said, “But they may not be willing to make peace with me, their current idea is to fight me to the end, it is said that they have long let out the word that as long as it from my base, even a mouse, they will not let go.”

Charlie laughed: “There is no point in them saying more harsh words, the actual situation is. They are in this stalemate with you right now, it won’t do them any good.”

After saying that, Charlie continued his analysis, “This stalemate, on the surface, seems to be unfavorable to you, but in reality, at the real disadvantage is the Cataclysmic Front and the government army.”

Hamid said with a sad face, “Brother, in fact, to speak from the heart, I am quite unsure sometimes, my preparation time is not long enough.”

“So the supplies are not enough, far from your previous advise for three years of strategic reserves so much, and now the number of people has increased several times, nearly 10,000 people here to eat and feed the horses, will accelerate the consumption of supplies, the most will last a year and a half ……”

Speaking of which, Hamid sighed and said seriously, “Brother it is a turtle in a jar ah!”