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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3343 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3343 Start

Hamid has never known the way the Cataclysmic Front cooperates with the government army.

Originally he thought that the government army paid to hire the Front, but when he thought about it, he always felt that something was not quite right, because the biggest problem of the government army is the shortage of funds.

Their own soldiers lack medicine, guns, and ammunition, but which has enough money to hire the Cataclysmic Front mercenaries?

It was only yesterday that he received the news that the terms of cooperation between the Cataclysmic Front and the government forces were that the Front would help the government forces purge the opposition.

And that the government forces would provide a 100 square kilometer area of land in Syria for the Cataclysmic Front to establish its first mercenary base in the Middle East.

But Hamid did not expect that Charlie could know about this matter even from far away in China. So all of a sudden, he was amazed at Charlie’s information channels.

Charlie did not expect that Hamid, who had already fought two rounds with the Cataclysmic Front, would only know about this news yesterday.

This also means that this news is still relatively confidential.

This kind of confidential information. This further confirmed his suspicion that Chengfeng must have some kind of connection with the Front.

So, Charlie said to Hamid: “I suspect that this Cataclysmic Front is connected to one of my enemies in China, and the specific details of the Front’ cooperation with the government army were leaked from my enemy in China.”

Hamid blurted out, “Brother, if that’s the case. Then this Cataclysmic Front also has a certain threat to you!”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded and spoke, “The main thing is that I don’t know much about this organization either, I’m not sure about their specific situation, so how much danger the Front is to me is still uncertain.”

Hamid waved his hand and said, “Brother, I don’t think you need to worry about this, China has always had the nickname of the mercenary grave.”

“It’s because the security there is too good, in this case, overseas mercenaries can’t even bring a gun in, they are definitely not your opponent.”

Charlie said blandly: “Knowing yourself and your enemy will make you invincible in a hundred battles, the most passive thing about me now is my lack of understanding of the Cataclysmic Front, and I don’t know how close that enemy of mine is to this Front.”

Hamid then said: “Brother, I’ll tell you what I know so far, the Cataclysmic Front made its fortune in South America some years ago, and now focused on the Middle East and Africa, which also belongs to the Middle East market is the largest.”

“You can think of the Middle East countries, including Israel, almost no country does not cooperate with mercenaries, so the Cataclysmic Front would like to take root in the Middle East.”

He further said: “With the vast majority of mercenary organizations the biggest problem is the lack of heavy weapons, even the United States Blackwater. Also can only use ordinary light weapons armed mercenaries, they go to the Middle East with the U.S. Army, driving armored vehicles, helicopter gunships, almost all the equipment of U.S. Army.”

“If they leave the U.S. Army, the best equipment they can get in the Middle East, is the bucket rack with a machine gun Toyota pickup truck.”

“At this point, the same goes for the Cataclysmic Front;”

“Although they have some heavy equipment in South America, they are said to have only a handful of armored personnel carriers, and old Russian-made helicopters, and if they want to dispatch this equipment globally, they can only use shipping;”

“But there is another problem with shipping. Shipping companies all over the world have to follow a basic convention that they cannot carry any non-government armed weaponry, and no port in any country can allow any non-government armed weaponry to be loaded or unloaded from the port;”

“So, it is basically impossible for them to get their equipment from South America to the Middle East.”