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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3340 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3340 Start

Hamid heard him buzzing in front of his ears, very dissatisfied kicked him and cursed, “Chatter chatter chatter, I fcuk!ing told you to cut the crap, you do not understand ah?”

Zynn was angry and afraid, but he did not want to risk his own life, so he could only plead bitterly, “Commander Hamid. You listen to me, since the enemy has blocked us, they will certainly try to block our ground and air routes by all means.”

“But if I die along with a valuable helicopter, it would be too expensive for you, don’t you think?”

Hamid grabbed his collar and slapped him with two big slaps, saying, “Did I tell you to bullsh!t? Did I tell you to bullsh!t?!”

Two slaps to Zynn’s eyes and ears, did not wait for Zynn back to consciousness, Hamid took off his Stallone beret from the top of his head, hands hard to roll the hat into a ball, pinching two cheeks of Zynn. Just stuffed the hat into his mouth, cursing: “Say another word of nonsense, I let people feed you sh!t!”

Zynn almost collapsed.

He really had the heart to k!ll Hamid. But in his heart, he knew very well that with his own ability, it was really difficult to do so.

Not to mention that he is now Hamid’s prisoner. Even if he is still the Su family’s man which does not mean much, the Su family’s guard all pulled out, not enough in front of Hamid’s reinforced company of firepower.

So, this kick plus two slaps, and a beret of revenge, he is afraid that in this life there will be no opportunity to revenge.

When he thought of this, Zynn only felt that his life was gray.

But he did not dare to continue to touch Hamid’s bad luck, so he had to completely shut his mouth and stood aside and did not make a sound.

At this time, Hamid suddenly saw diagonally above his head suddenly blossomed a large black umbrella, a closer look. Then he saw a parachute has opened in less than a hundred meters above their heads, and then quickly descend.

Manipulate this set of parachute, it is Charlie all the way from China!

Hamid excitedly said to himself, “Here he is! Finally!”

Zynn looked up and saw that the parachute was already less than fifty meters above the ground.

He was totally dumbfounded, thinking: “This …… person is looking for death, right? Such a fast speed, such a low distance to open the parachute, not afraid of k!lling himself, so strange!”

Just finished. Then he saw that the rapidly falling parachute suddenly seemed to be cut off, then the umbrella lost tension, instantly flew backward, and another black point flew at a fast speed directly to the ground.

When the parachute was still about ten meters from the ground, Charlie directly used his aura to cut the rope, and then his whole body stood firmly on the ground, the huge acceleration of gravity seemed to have no effect on him, and he just landed, he took off the parachute bag and threw it aside as if nothing had happened.

At this time, Hamid dragged Zynn to run wildly, and when he was still a few dozen meters away from Charlie, he already shouted excitedly, “Brother Wade! We finally meet again!”

Charlie looked at Hamid running all the way, could not help but tease: “Older brother this leg is really sharp.”

Hamid came to stand in front of Charlie and said with a smile, “It’s all thanks to you!”

With that, Hamid threw Zynn over and pointed at him and said to Charlie: “Brother, I brought this guy along to greet you, and by the way, I’d like to review his life with you, he hasn’t lost any arms or legs during the time he’s been with me, you can check the goods!”

Zynn was dumbfounded.

He really didn’t expect that the person who jumped for suicide was actually Charlie.

This made him think in his heart: “Charlie this guy …… is in the end what kind of strength he has? Jumped down from such a height without any problems, this is not a fcuk!ing martial arts expert can be compared, right?”

In addition, he also did not expect that this guy Charlie would come to Syria at this time.

In his heart, he thought suspiciously, “Could it be that Charlie came to Syria this time in order to take me back to my country and participate in the Wade family’s ancestral ritual?”

“This guy …… This guy is too desperate, right? Risking so much danger to take me back? Why do you have to do this …… let me live alone in Syria in the cave where a cat can not?”