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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 334 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 334 Start

Now, the Willson Group is like a bag of rice with a hole in it. There was not much rice in it, but it rushed out, and it couldn’t stand it anymore.

What’s even more annoying is that Wendy, her most beloved granddaughter, had the opportunity to marry Gerald, the son of the White family, but now, the White family has avoided the Willson family.

The last support of White family also disappeared.

Thinking of this, the Old Mrs. Willson couldn’t help tears.

In the past few years, the Old Master has been in charge of housekeeping, but he did not expect that he would manage the family business in this field.

If this continues, the group will not only be completely closed down but will also face huge debts. By then, even this old villa will not be kept.

And all of this stems from selfishness.

If it wasn’t for the purpose of seizing the villa that White’s family gave to Charlie, how could Jacob and Claire and their daughter break with them?

If Claire hadn’t left the Willson Group, how could the Emgrand Group have turned against the Willson Group?

The eldest son Noah Willson was also on the verge of collapse.

The family business is at stake, his daughter loses her happiness, her son has no future, and Charlie has been repeatedly humiliating them.

He now has the heart to do something to restore the decline, but he can’t find any light.

Wendy has been crying ever since she came back, crying heartbreakingly, and he felt uncomfortable.

He couldn’t help asking the Old Mrs. Willson: “Mom, is there no hope for the Willson family in the future?”

Old Mrs. Willson shed two lines of muddy tears and said painfully: “There is no other way to do it. If the company does not declare bankruptcy, the subsequent debts will crush us.”

Noah Willson choked up and said: “Mom, can you find old friends and see who can invest a sum of money in the Willson Group to help us tide over the difficulties?”

“Investment?” Old Mrs. Willson smiled bitterly: “Now that the Emgrand Group has banned us, who would dare to invest their money? Those old friends in the past are now avoiding me one by one and not answering calls. I can see through. How can there be any friends in this world? It is all interactions for benefits!”

Harold said angrily: “Grandma, if you say that there are no friends, only benefits, Charlie’s Rubbish, why can he make friends with so many big people, and those big people give him so much face, shouting Wade Mr. Wade? What benefits can he bring to them?”

The Old Mrs. Willson said with emotion: “This Charlie, don’t look at it as a poor and vain Rubbish, is really a little capable of talking to people and talking nonsense. I heard that the reason why these big people are so polite to him is that he can make them think that he is capable of doing fortune-telling, it’s all fools, no different from the old fortune-telling man under the roadside tree!”

Harold asked puzzledly: “Then why do so many big people believe him?”

Old Mrs. Willson said: “Believe him because he has not been seen by others. This kind of person is like those masters in the past. They are especially good at bluffing people and bluffing everyone. They are stunned for a moment, but turned their head when everyone will come to their senses, didn’t these people become liars that everyone shouted and beaten?”

Speaking of this, Lady Willson said with a cold expression: “In my opinion, Charlie will show flaws in a short time. When these big people know that they have been tricked by him, they will definitely strip him alive and feed him to the dog! “

Harold looked expectantly and said, “I can’t wait! Can’t wait to see Charlie being chopped up and fed the dog!”

Old Mrs. Willson said with a bitter face: “Yes! Don’t worry, there will be one day!”