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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3332 Free Novel

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For Zhiyu, although she also has a lot of words about many of her dad’s practices, but after all, blood kinship is here, so after learning that the situation over in Syria is critical, she is most worried about her dad’s safety.

Charlie heard this. Inevitably some curiosity asked: “From where did you hear that the Cataclysmic Front engage with Hamid’s base?”

Zhiyu said: “I just called grandpa, originally wanted to ask him how much he knows about Syria and the Cataclysmic Front, after all, this is the first time I heard of the three words Cataclysmic Front, he told me this.”

Charlie was surprised and asked, “Is there any connection between Chengfeng and the Cataclysmic Front?”

“I’m not sure about that.” Zhiyu said, “I’ve never heard him talk about the Cataclysmic Front before, but just now on the phone, his attitude towards the Cataclysmic Front seemed to be a bit exuberant, and he was quite emotional.”

“Strange.” Charlie frowned and said, “Cataclysmic Front has been developing in war-torn areas, and the country has always been safe and secure.”

“The average person really has little chance to hear their name, how does he know so much, even the content of the cooperation between the Cataclysmic Front and the Syrian side?”

Zhiyu said, “Maybe he has some more well-informed channels.”

Charlie nodded his head. On the surface, he did not continue to dwell on this issue, but in his heart, he felt that Chengfeng and the Front must have some kind of connection. Therefore, he also reminded himself in his heart that he must be careful and on guard.

Subsequently, he said to Zhiyu, “As far as I know, your father is still relatively safe at the moment, even if the Cataclysmic Front wants to take Hamid, they will have to prepare for at least half a year.”

“While being prepared to sacrifice tens of thousands of people, not to mention that they are only surrounding Hamid now instead of fighting, so you don’t have to worry too much for the time being.”

Zhiyu said with a pleading face, “Grace, please let my father come back, although he has done a lot of things wrong. But after all, the punishment is not to death, even if you get him back to Aurous Hill, house arrest in Shangri-La can be ……”

Charlie refused without hesitation, “Impossible. In my eyes, his crime is not punishable by death? Just the fact that he organized the anti-leaf alliance back then, I could have k!lled him as a matter of course.”

“The reason why I left him alive was for the sake of you and Ruoli, the two sisters.”

Zhiyu said with red eyes, “My father has indeed done a lot of wrong things and needs to pay for his mistakes, but that place in Syria is too dangerous, the news said that the number of people k!lled and injured in a battle there are several thousand.”

“I’m afraid he can’t wait for me to become the head of the Su family, he has already met with an untimely death ……”

Charlie looked at Zhiyu, said with a serious expression, “Everyone has to take the risk and pay the price for what they have done. I sent your father to Syria, which is my punishment for him.”

“If he encounters any uncontrollable natural or man-made disasters in the process of receiving this punishment, it can only be said that his own life is unlucky.”

Zhiyu wanted to continue to fight with Charlie, but hesitated for a moment or gave up, she looked at him and asked, “Grace, you said that you would let my father go to your parents’ grave to apologize at Qingming, and that you would let him sign the divorce agreement with my mother?”

“But now that Hamid’s base has been heavily surrounded by the Cataclysmic Front, and the people of the Front hate want to k!ll them all, under such circumstances, can my father still come out?”

“Yes.” Charlie said indifferently, “If the Cataclysmic Front does not stop surrounding Hamid, then I will personally go to Syria and bring him back.”

When Zhiyu heard this, a pair of beautiful eyes instantly lit up, as if she had seen hope.

She was about to say something when he added at this time, “But I will send him back after it’s over.”

“You ……” Zhiyu couldn’t help but complain, “Grace, since you have decided to personally go to Syria to bring him back, why risk sending him back ah, aren’t you afraid of the danger yourself?”

Charlie said with a cold expression: “Everywhere there is danger, but I will not change my principles because of the fear of danger!”