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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3328 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3328 Start

Zhongquan watched Leon leave the room with a gradually wooden expression on his face.

Thinking about Charlie, he actually didn’t have any feelings.

After all, Charlie had been away from home for so many years, the love of his grandfather and grandson had long faded for him.

Moreover, he had always been a little worried about Charlie in his heart, worried that Charlie would be angry with him because of his parent’s death.

Therefore, getting Charlie back would actually only be bad for him, not good.

He himself knew very well in his heart that finding Charlie back would most likely be getting back a white-eyed wolf.

However, the main reason why he insisted on bringing this boy back to recognize his ancestors, and even begged him to do so, was because of an experience he had in Singapore three years ago.

Many years ago, Zhongquan went to Singapore to attend an entrepreneurial summit.

It was a global event for top entrepreneurs, and there were no more than five entrepreneurs from China who were really qualified to be invited, and he was one of them.

The ones from other countries were all representatives of the top families with trillions of dollars in assets, and at that time, Zhongquan’s strength in that summit could only be ranked as a medium.

In addition to him, the top consortia of the United States and Japan, the historical superfamilies of Europe, and the financial giants of Russia, any one of them, were above him in strength.

The reason why so many top tycoons went to this summit is that behind this summit, there are three executive directors.

All the people who attended the summit, none of them are looking at the face of the three managing directors, and none of them are sharpening their heads to follow the three managing directors to close relations.

These three managing directors, are the world’s three top plutocrats representatives.

One is the representative of the Middle East royal family, one is the representative of the Ruthschild family, and another, is the representative of the An family.

Each of the three families was the executive director of the summit, and jointly managed all the affairs of the summit, and each with veto power.

The three families had gathered a lot of resources with their strength and influence, and because of this, all entrepreneurs wanted to mix in this summit.

Zhongquan also wanted to mix some resources and contacts in the summit, and coincidentally, the person sent by the An family to be the executive director happened to be Charlie’s own uncle, Marcus An.

Zhongquan naturally knew that the An family had always despised him, but after all, he was once a relative, and he knew that Charlie’s uncle, Marcus, had deep feelings for Charlie’s mother, so he had the cheek to try to get close to him.

He didn’t expect that when Zhongquan, who was a generation older, took the initiative to ask to see Marcus, Marcus didn’t even give him a chance to meet him, but only had his men reply to him.”

“That he only recognized one person surnamed Wade, and that was his sister Margaret An’s flesh and blood, Charlie! Apart from him, he will not see anyone surnamed Wade!

Marcus’s attitude made Zhongquan realize that his grandson, who had disappeared for many years, was the only remaining link between the Wade family and the An family.

Originally, he had thought that the An family had always looked down on the Wade family in a million ways, and was not even willing to acknowledge the in-law’s relationship between them.

He even thought that the An family must not look up to Charlie either, after all, they had always opposed Margaret’s marriage to Changying, and it was normal for them to have little affection for Margaret and Changying’s child.

However, he really did not expect that Marcus had left a chance for the Wade family.

In his opinion, whether Charlie’s grandparents care about Charlie or not, it is enough to have Marcus’s words.

Because, Marcus has long been set as the successor of the next generation of the An family, fixing him, is the same as fixing the An family!

Zhongquan has been dreaming of the overseas market all these years, but really rely on the Wade family itself, want to go abroad to develop, it is a difficult step.

The strength of the An family, more than dozens of times stronger than the Wade family, and in overseas strength, deep roots, if you can have the help of the An family, naturally can be as smooth as walking.

Therefore, in Zhongquan’s opinion, if they can let Charlie acknowledge his ancestors, let him marry Sara, and even let him go to the United States to establish a bond with the An family, then the Wade family’s future will be bright.

This is the core motivation that really pushed him to get Charlie back, but he had not told anyone about this, even Leon did not know about this secret.