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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3324 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3324 Start

The Wade family, who was also in Eastcliff, knew nothing about the actions of Joseph and the Cataclysmic Front.

All of Zhongquan Wade’s thoughts were focused on the upcoming ancestral ceremony.

This time, the ancestral ceremony is also very significant for him too.

This time, not only is the ancestral ceremony once every twelve years, but also the first ancestral ceremony after the Wade family’s ancestral tomb was moved to the Waderest Mountain.

More importantly, his eldest grandson Morgan, the son of Charlie’s eldest uncle Andrew Wade, will be engaged to a young princess of the Nordic royal family after the Qingming Festival.

The matter of intermarriage with the Nordic royal family is something that the Wade family has been planning for a long time.

In any large family, the eldest son, the eldest grandson, is the most important facade.

Therefore, Zhongquan wanted to find a good daughter-in-law for his eldest grandson, who was a good match for his family.

However, if we look at the country, there are only two girls who can really match with Morgan.

One is the only granddaughter of the Su family, Zhiyu.

Another, is the Gu family’s only daughter, Sara.

The daughters of those other families are more than a notch lower than Morgan.

However, Morgan has no chance to deal with Zhiyu, a woman who sees everything.

As for Sara is even more impossible, who does not know, she has been waiting to marry Charlie.

Moreover, a few days ago her concert made such a big noise, he thought with his toes also know is for Charlie, so he also has no chance to fix Sara.

And Morgan is two years older than Charlie, soon to be thirty, if thirty years old still not married, indeed some not quite like it, so his current priority is to get married as soon as possible.

Looking around, Zhongquan can find the most suitable candidate for his grandson, is the princess of the Nordic royal family.

First of all, in the background of the world now, there are few royal families left, so the royal family in high society is also considered very rare, marry a grandson-in-law, the face is naturally nothing to ordinary.

Secondly, the royal family of many constitutional monarchies now, although long gone from real power, but the status is still high and highly respected.

And because their ancestors have been royalty for generations and held the real power in the years bygone, the assets of the royal family are also very considerable, contacts, resources are also very wide.

If they can marry the princess of the Nordic royal family, for the Wade family, not only the reputation, even give them a greater breakthrough in the overseas market.

In itself, behind the marriage is the intermingling and exchange of resources and capital.

The royal family of Northern Europe wants to use the financial power of the Wade family to seek a bigger cake, while the Wade family also wants to use the contacts and influence of the royal family of Northern Europe to open up the entire European market.

Therefore, the marriage of the two families will certainly bring many benefits for both sides.

Moreover, the Nordic princess, whether age, looks, temperament, education, are the best among the European royal princesses, it is said that when she was young she was still the Crown Princess, as well as the first in line to the future throne.

But later, for some unknown reasons, she was replaced by her cousin and became the second in line to the throne.

With her and her cousin coming of age one after another, her cousin was formally made the Crown Princess, which was also tantamount to declaring that she was completely unrelated to the throne, and was only then pushed out by the family to join with the Wade family in marriage.

Morgan is also very satisfied with this future wife, after all, marrying a Nordic princess is such a bullish thing, in China is still almost no one has done before.

Therefore, he also longed to be engaged as soon as possible, and then choose a big day, the scenery of the big event, the princess married into the door.

The Nordic royal family is also very generous, knowing that the Wade family will soon hold an ancestral ceremony, so they are prepared to make an exception and let the princess come to Eastcliff a few days early, first as the future daughter-in-law, to participate in the Wade family’s ancestral ceremony.

After the ceremony, other members of the royal family will fly to Eastcliff to attend their engagement banquet, at which time the marriage will be officially announced to the public.

For Zhongquan, as long as the news of the wedding is announced, the Wade family’s fame will definitely rise to another level!

But how could he know that at this moment, a net of heaven and earth, has been slowly unfolded towards the Wade family!