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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3323 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3323 Start

Hamid is worried that once his base is besieged by the other side, it will be very difficult for him to send Zynn out.

And he knows very well that Zynn is very important to Charlie, and in a few days Charlie will have to get him back to his country.

Although Hamid is not sure what Charlie wants him back for, but he can feel that Charlie attaches great importance to this matter.

Hearing Hamid’s worry, Charlie spoke: “You don’t have to worry about this matter, for the time being, they have now surrounded and blocked you, it is not realistic for you to send Zynn out now, why not get down to business and get your defense right first.”

“If there is really no good opportunity then I will find a way to come there personally and bring Zynn back. “

This time, the Wade family Qingming ancestral ritual, Charlie has a total of two purposes.

The first, naturally, is to pay good respect to his parents on this very important day for the Wade family.

The second is to let Zynn kneel in front of his parents’ graves and repent to his parents for the matter of forming the Anti-Wade Alliance back then.

Therefore, on the day of Qingming, Zynn must appear at Waderest Mountain.

When Hamid heard this, he hurriedly said, “Brother, I’m in great danger here, you must not risk your life for this Su, how about this turn around I’ll organize a death squad and find a night to send him out by night!”

“No way.” Charlie firmly replied, “Although I have a grudge against this person, but right now this person can not die.”

Charlie had promised to leave Zynn a dog’s life long ago and had promised Zhiyu that he would return Zynn after she became the head of the Su family.

Therefore, he definitely could not let Zynn die in Syria, in that case, it would be like breaking his own promise.

So, he said to Hamid, “You don’t have to worry about Zynn for now, just do your best to guard your base, and if the enemy hasn’t retreated by the end of March, then I will personally come over there.”

Hamid heard this, had no choice but to agree, said: “Then what is the situation over here, I will report to you first!”


In the next few days, calm was temporarily respite restored in Syria.

The soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front no longer fought with the government army, but gathered all their forces to prepare to consume Hamid, while the government army lost a powerful helper and could only temporarily slow down the pace of the attack.

At the same time, Eastcliff is already undercurrents.

These days, the other two war kings of the Cataclysmic Front, as well as nearly a hundred war generals, traveled one after another from all over the world to rejoin Joseph in Eastcliff.

They were the mainstay of the entire Cataclysmic Front, and also the candidates that Joseph was going to bring up to attack Waderest Mountain this time.

This time, Joseph not only wanted to trample down the Wade family and avenge his parents, but also wanted to return to the stage of Eastcliff as the Heavenly Dragon Descending, representing his parents, the Cataclysmic Front, and the Wan Family.

He still remembered the situation of his parents in Eastcliff back then, because of various reasons, the majority of people were not very favorable to them, more or less despised his parents.

And even many people continued to ridicule and attack him after his father’s death, saying that he was a waste, saying that he could not even do well as Zynn’s dog, etc. This has always been a pain in Joseph’s heart.

So, this time, after stepping on the Wade family, he wants to become a god in the eyes of all the families in Eastcliff! He wanted to make all the big and small dignified families in Eastcliff grovel in front of him.

Only in this way can he double the lost face for his dead father.