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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 332 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 332 Start

Mr. Orvel immediately said: “Mr. Wade, I have people in Aurous Hill, and most of the nightclubs, bars, KTV, and construction sites have my people. As long as you tell me who will give me the order to kill. I can guarantee that the number of people who look for him everywhere on the street every day and want his life cannot be counted!”

Harold was almost frightened when he heard that he was complete. He knelt in front of Charlie with a puff, crying, and said: “Charlie, my good brother-in-law, I’m really kidding you, you just treat me as a bullsh*t and let me go. Right”

Charlie asked him coldly: “Why? Don’t you pretend to be forced?”

“I don’t pretend, don’t pretend, don’t pretend anymore” Harold was almost scared to death at this time, how dare he pretend to force Charlie.

In Aurous Hill, if Orvel ordered to kill him, then the whole road would not swarm to kill him?

After all, this is a good opportunity to play for Orvel, and please Orvel!

Charlie took the phone at this time and said coldly: “Since you are not pretending, let me see your sincerity. Otherwise, I can only understand that this is a temporary soft service. If I let you go, you can turn and will still pretend to be forceful after the day.”

Harold shook his heart, realizing that Charlie might not let him go so easily, so without a word, he immediately knocked his head on the smooth and hard floor of the hospital, banging three times.

“Charlie, I was wrong! I apologize to you! Please forgive me, don’t let Orvel chase me down!”

Having said this, Harold was already crying and regretted his death in his heart.

Is there a problem in your mind? Why do you have to force Charlie to pretend to be forced? Isn’t this a case of death? When Orvel realized that he was a liar, and hacks him to death is still a matter of course, but if Charlie really let Orvel hack him, he won’t survive tomorrow morning

At this moment, Noah Willson saw his son kneeling and kowtow being bullied by Charlie, and said angrily: “Charlie! Don’t deceive people too much!”

Charlie asked curiously: “You said I deceived people too much?”

After finishing speaking, he immediately said to Mr. Orvel: “Mr. Orvel, another person is added to the chasing order for the rivers and lakes. This time I want you to chase and kill a pair of father and son!”

Mr. Orvel immediately blurted out: “Mr. Wade, please rest assured, as long as you give an order, I will not be stopped even if they are the kings of heaven! Tell me, what is the name of the father and son!”

Noah Willson uttered an ah, and he was trembling in shock.

Charlie is too ruthless, right

He just said that he was too deceiving, he wanted to chase them down together? !

How can they stand this old bone?

At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson had realized that it would be difficult to reap the water, for fear that her son and grandson would be hurt again, she hurriedly said: “Charlie, you let them go, just as if we haven’t been here today”

Charlie shook his head: “That won’t work, you are here, why should I assume you haven’t been here?”

Old Mrs. Willson tremblingly asked: “Then how can you stop?”

Charlie said indifferently: “You are at the face of my father-in-law and my mother-in-law. Tell me the true purpose of your coming this time. If you are sincere enough, I will spare them and let you never come; if you are not enough sincerely, I’m sorry, I have made this order of chasing after death!”