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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3318 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3318 Start

Charlie just got up thinking that Hamid must have experienced another big, hard battle last night.

However, he was not worried.

Because he knew that Hamid had already arranged more than a hundred burst points throughout the base, which could already be called a devilish level of defense.

With this level of defense, it was impossible for the enemy to defeat him.

As expected, he just finished his breakfast, Hamid’s call came.

As soon as the call came through, Hamid said excitedly, “Brother Wade, you are really a god! They really sent a large group of paratroopers at night, if you hadn’t reminded me and given me the solution, I would have died long ago!”

Saying that, he gave Charlie a detailed report of the results of the battle just now.

Charlie couldn’t help but be surprised after hearing it.

He wasn’t surprised that Hamid would win, but he just didn’t expect that he would win so comprehensively.

The total annihilation of a thousand elites of the Cataclysmic Front and not a single casualty on his side was indeed very incredible.

Hamid said excitedly: “The main thing is that your idea was great! After the detonation of the bursting point, the other side lost all combat power almost instantly.”

“Plus our soldiers kept a distance from them and used grenades and even mortars to close the door, so we didn’t give them a chance to return fire at all!”

Charlie laughed: “I just came up with a plan, mainly because you guys were able to implement it perfectly.”

Saying that, Charlie asked again, “These two battles yesterday should have replenished you with a lot of weapons and equipment, right?”

Hamid said offhandedly, “Brother, I was about to report to you! These sons of b!tches are so rich that their equipment is no match for the U.S. Marines or even the Navy Seals!”

“I’ve got a full set of equipment for a couple of thousand special forces! I’m going to hurry to buy a batch of NATO-style ammunition, in the future, my first-line troops, all use the NATO-style weapons captured this time.”

“This batch of weapons is more advanced, power and shooting accuracy are far more than the Russian-made weapons”

Charlie could not help but exclaim: “That’s great! With good equipment, you have to solve the problem of the soldier training, you must select the most combat-capable, and the most leading people from your direct troops, and train them as basic officers and middle-ranking officers respectively!”

“The larger the team, the more you have to focus on management, it is best to simply start a training course for officers and concentrate on training outstanding talents in bulk.”

Hamid immediately said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely train up the full-fledged officers!”

Saying that, he added: “Right, brother, after these two battles, I now have more weapons and equipment than I can use, just the collected long and short weapons up to six or seven thousand!”

Charlie laughed: “That’s good! When the day dawns, your popularity in Syria will be known to everyone, then I don’t know how many people will join you, with so many weapons and equipment, it’s enough for you to form a larger team.”

The two battles, I have people filming video footage, tomorrow morning, it will be widely publicized, anyway, I have become a mortal enemy with the Cataclysmic Front, do not care to continue to stimulate them.”

“By then my reputation, I will be able to take in a lot of stragglers, and may even make other armed formations to come over to join!”

“I also intend to, if I can attract two or three thousand people to come over to join, immediately integrated a thousand to fifteen hundred people size of engineering troops, seize the time to continue to expand the fortifications within the mountain, this is my top priority ……”