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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3316 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3316 Start

Hamid was once again victorious.

Miraculously, this time there was not a single casualty among his soldiers.

Even though these paratroopers were all the elites of the Cataclysmic Front, even though they all had very complete weapons and equipment, under his brother’s tactical arrangement, this group of people had no chance to play to their strengths.

In front of the extremely powerful explosion, even a torrent of steel could not withstand, let alone these men with flesh and blood.

Hamid, who learned of the total annihilation of the enemy, was thrilled to the core.

He personally went to the area where the first echelon of the Cataclysmic Front died in battle and watched his soldiers clean up the battlefield under the light of the strong flashlight, and his heart was overwhelmed with excitement.

Today, he had fought two all-conquering battles one after another, the most glorious moment of his life.

Just as he was exhilarated, his adjutant came over with the same excitement and reported, “Report, Commander! We have harvested a lot of weapons and equipment, as well as hundreds of bullet-proof vests and helmets! All good stuff!”

“Although all this equipment has suffered some damage to varying degrees, they are definitely still usable. I estimate that the situation on the northern flank is similar, and we will be able to sort out at least 600, 700, or even 700 or 800 sets of bulletproof equipment by then.”

“This will definitely further enhance our overall advantage if we allocate them to our frontline soldiers!”

Hamid said excitedly, “Great, great! After fighting these two battles, our soldiers’ equipment has gone up another level! This Cataclysmic Front doesn’t seem to be a top mercenary organization, they are a top transport brigade!”

The adjutant was busy saying, “It’s not over yet Commander! These five hundred people, all equipped with head-mounted night vision devices, I just had someone check them out, the vast majority are good and workable! With this single soldier night vision equipment, our combat power at night will also skyrocket!”

“In addition to that, there are several thermal imagers, although three are broken, there are still five that can be used, and the three that are broken may be able to refurbish again if the parts are swapped!”

Hamid excitedly sipped his teeth and exclaimed, “Tsk! Tsk, tsk! These guys from the Cataclysmic Front are really rich!”

He said, “Damn, what good can money do? I still beat the sh!t out of them, didn’t I?”

The adjutant hurriedly added, “We also seized a large number of new grenades from them that we hadn’t seen before!”

“New type of grenades?” When Hamid heard this, he frowned and asked, “What kind of man-on-man grenades, bring them to me.”

The adjutant hurriedly handed an American-style incendiary grenade to Hamid.

Hamid took a look at it, and his whole expression instantly became horrified.

This kind of incendiary grenade, he had seen it before, when a dozen of his comrades were surrounded by enemy troops inside a narrow cave, and instead of rushing in, the other side directly threw two of these grenades.

With just two of them, all the dozen pe0ple inside were burned to black charcoal.

That experience still haunts him to this day.

At that time, they called this weapon the devil’s fire.

Now when he saw this kind of weapon, he still had palpitations.

Immediately after that, he gritted his teeth and cursed, “These beasts of the Cataclysmic Front are really ruthless, they were trying to use this kind of weapon to burn us alive in the bunker fortifications!”

Saying that, he cursed angrily again, “These beasts really deserve to die! We have never provoked them and never had any conflict with them, but they came to our country and hunted us without mercy, damn, really k!ll them all!”

The adjutant also said with the same anger: “These mercenaries of the Cataclysmic Front are a bunch of trash with no faith and no morals!”

“Whoever pays them is their master, and as long as they pay more money, they can k!ll their own relatives with their own hands! Evil mercenary organizations like this should be wiped out!”

Hamid said in a cold voice: “This time, I will release a signal to Cataclysmic Front, telling them that I, Hamid, am not so easy to mess with!”