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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3314 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3314 Start

Hearing these words, Walter’s entire body instantly froze.

He had never dreamed that the northern flank was also in the enemy’s anticipation.

In this way, the one thousand elites he sent were all assassinated by the other side!

He had clearly gone to attack the other side, and sent out all the elites who were most suitable for the beheading mission, why are they killed and injured as soon as they landed? How in the world did the enemy plan and set all this up in advance?

Just when Walter was in extreme self-doubt, Hamid’s soldiers attacked in full force!

Hamid long ago according to his brother’s instructions, had divided the entire base into five areas.

And each area, in turn, was divided into dozens of detailed coordinate bearings based on the location of the bursting point.

Therefore, the soldiers in each bunker according to the marked map, knowing which burst point explosion, immediately after a clear understanding of the enemy’s current location.

Immediately afterward, Hamid dispatched eight hundred soldiers from the forward slant and the reverse slant to surround the first echelon.

At the same time, the artillery in the south flank backslope pit, immediately launched twenty small mortars, from the south flank pit hole aimed at the location of the north flank explosion point, ready to launch another round of shelling on the second echelon of the north flank.

The mortar’s structure is simple, to put it bluntly, it is just a tripod fixed slender barrel, this kind of gun has a short-range, small power, compared with the traction artillery, it is simply a small witch.

However, this weapon also has its advantages.

The biggest advantage is the mobility and portability, come and go, hit and run.

Firing is also very simple, just adjust the angle, put the shell through the muzzle, and it will instantly strike.

During the Anti-Japanese War, Japanese Army Lieutenant General Abe Gishu, known as the flower of the famous general, was taken away by a young artilleryman of the 8th Route Army with a single shot from a mortar.

It is because of these advantages that this mortar has not been eliminated from the army for decades.

These artillerymen of Hamid knew the location of each burst point on the north flank by heart, so they adjusted very quickly before the shelling.

After a minute or two, these twenty mortars began a round of uninterrupted bombardment round after round!

And the shells landed with great accuracy, exploding almost right in the middle of the second echelon’s rally point.

The five hundred soldiers of the second echelon of the Cataclysmic Front, who had been bombed very badly already, now had no time to make any adjustments at all when the dense mortar shells, like hailstones, landed all around them.

Now, the hill on the north flank simply became a hell on earth.

After a few rounds of shelling, the battle death rate of the soldiers of the North Wing had exceeded 90%.

Those who were left are all dying by now.

“Tommy! Tommy! Answer quickly when you hear it!” Walter was about to collapse, and he shouted the name of the second echelon commander within the communication system.

However, on the other end of the intercom, there was nothing but the sound of heavy artillery, but no one could respond to him.

The second echelon commander, Tommy Johnson, had already been killed by mortar shells during the first round of shelling.

Walter listened to the sound of mortar shells exploding inside the communicator and could not stop the tears from flowing down his face.

He knew that the second echelon was powerless, so he immediately said to the commander of the first echelon: “Javier! Don’t give up! I’ll have the 5,000 government soldiers launch a charge to get you back, no matter what!”

The commander of the first echelon, Javier Kenta, laughed miserably and said, “Commander, don’t bother …… the enemy has already rushed up …… goodbye …… commander ……”