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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3313 Free Novel

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Hearing this, Walter’s heart thumped and he asked offhandedly, “What is going on? What kind of ambush is this!”

The commander replied with a sobbing voice: “It’s an explosion! A very powerful explosion! They should have planted a lot of explosives, the explosion set off a large number of anti-personnel fragments, my eyes are blind, legs, hands are wounded, but now can no longer identify the actual weight of the wound!”

“How could this happen!” Walter said offhandedly, “Quickly let the people around you help you!”

At that moment, another person’s voice came over the communicator, crying, “Commander Walter, Captain Javier’s limbs have been hit by at least dozens of fragments, there’s nothing we can do!”

Walter roared, “You should at least find a way to get your commander’s vision back, otherwise how will he command you to break out of the siege?”

The man broke down emotionally and cried out, “Captain Javier’s left eyeball is pierced by a broken piece and has been bleeding heavily, and his right eye is hit by the flying stones from the explosive and collapse because of the night vision device.

“The night vision device is smashed directly into the eye socket, the eye has been completely squeezed out …… I …… I can’t do anything about it ……”

Walter heard the other party’s description, his heart throbbing incomparably in pain.

The two echelons that jumped tonight are the strongest soldiers and commanders under his command.

Hearing the news that his own men have been blown blind and covered in wounds at this moment, Walter wanted to jump down and rescue them himself.

The background of the communicator was full of the soldiers’ wailing and crying, which made Walter’s grief unbearable.

At this point, the commander of the first echelon on the other end of the phone cried, “The enemy has long laid a trap, just was waiting for us to step in, in the explosion just now, we suffered heavy casualties commander!”

Walter’s veins flared up and he roared through clenched teeth, “Hold on a little longer, I’ll send the second echelon over to support you!”

The commander blurted out, “No! Don’t let them come!!!”

The commander said urgently, “Commander, you quickly let the second echelon withdraw! The other side has already prepared for this, and I’m afraid they have already laid a net.

Walter never dreamed that the commander of the first echelon would be so pessimistic.

He muttered in his heart, “Could it be, could it be that they really have no chance of surviving? Could …… this Hamid really has such a strong ability and insight into all his tactical planning in advance?”

Incredibly puzzled Walter does not know, just in the south wing of the first echelon just encountered ambush after ten seconds, the northern flank of the hill, eight explosive points are also ready at the same time!

The north wing of the five hundred people, is too unlucky.

The entire north wing peak is relatively steep, but the only relatively flat area, no matter who is allowed to command, will definitely choose this area to assemble.

This is like the blazing sun only such a tree, people must subconsciously go to the tree to cool off the same.

It is precisely for this reason that Hamid’s men have densely arranged eight burst points here.

The second echelon of men was assembling when they heard the explosions from the south and thought it was their troops on the south flank who had started the assault.

They were about to finish assembling and immediately rush over to outflank them when they didn’t expect Hamid’s men to detonate all eight burst points around them right then and there!

The deafening explosion made the whole valley tremble.

Such a dense and flying fragmentation, killing coverage is extremely wide, dense cross-coverage, even it is difficult to avoid for a housefly, let alone these towers of flesh and blood!

So, after the explosion of these eight explosive points, the second echelon was directly annihilated, more than half!

The rest, almost all seriously wounded, instantly lost combat power.

Immediately after, the second echelon commander shouted in horror: “Commander, we …… we are ambushed …… explosion is very powerful, we … …we almost lost everything! The brothers who are still alive are all seriously wounded, there is blood and broken limbs everywhere ……”