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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3311 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3311 Start

As the first 500 men, one after another, landed near the south wing summit prism, another group of 500 men, also leaping from the aircraft, began to drift down toward the north wing summit prism.

Since paratroopers were affected by wind speed, wind direction, and personal control ability, it was difficult for them to jump to the same area at the same time, so they could only land near the target individually first, and then move together in all directions toward the target area.

Generally speaking, paratroopers in the air to prevent parachutes from entangling with each other, will maintain a safe distance from other comrades, so the landing deviation of several hundred meters to near thousand meters is normal.

Especially for night parachuting, it is not strange to be off by even a few thousand meters.

Therefore, the first 500 people after landing, the first thing to do is to quickly assemble towards the target area.

However, what they didn’t expect was that during their parachute jump down and movement assembly, they didn’t find any defending soldiers, nor any enemy hidden fortifications.

Checking the whole peak through the night vision device, they did not find any traces of the enemy except for their own men with special markings on their bodies.

Some soldiers carrying thermal imagers also immediately began to check the surroundings, but still, nothing was found.

The reason why they couldn’t see any enemy was that Hamid’s soldiers were at the moment hidden inside the bunker fortifications on the sloping sides of the mountain.

And the thermal imaging equipment used to observe the mountain top was also transmitted to the fortifications through signal lines, so the whole mountain top prism was in an undefended state at the moment.

When the commander reported this situation in real time to Walter, who was circling in a large circle at high altitude, he was not too surprised.

Because, he knew that the enemy had bunkers on both the front and back slopes, it was not strange to ignore the hilltop defense.

If it were himself, he would not waste his energy defending the hilltop when the front and back slopes were solid, after all, under normal circumstances, one had to pass through the front slope to break into the hilltop.

So, he immediately reminded his front-line commander that he must take advantage of the enemy’s negligence in defending the hilltop to finish assembling as soon as possible, and then the first echelon would strike the surprise attack.

And the second echelon would take the opportunity to encircle from the north side and directly block the enemy in the pit to eliminate them.

Walter is followed by Joseph all the way to the present conquest, similar to the attack battle he fought many times.

He deeply understands the truth, when fighting hidden fortifications, if your side is far away from the fortifications, then the other side has the advantage, but if your side is very close to the fortifications, then your side has the advantage.

When the war in the southwest, once the enemy was blocked in the cat’s ear hole, almost only one way to die, our soldiers with a few grenades into them, can make their cat’s ear hole become their grave.

Therefore, Walter has already made up his mind at this moment, tonight, will be the total annihilation of Hamid’s troops!