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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3310 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3310 Start

The planes then took off one after another and lifted off, dividing into two echelons in the air, one in front of the other, heading towards Hamid.

Meanwhile, 5,000 government soldiers, just under forty kilometers away from Hamid’s position.

Since they were fully mobile, they were expected to reach their intended location in 40 minutes.

In Hamid’s base, it was a frenzy of activity.

More than 140 blast points that had been pre-planted long ago were controlled by 14 blasters and engineers.

Each of them in front of the blaster has marked the location and number of the bursting point, while they also hold a special channel using the walkie-talkie.

Once the enemy appears, once the soldiers responsible for reconnaissance to determine the location of the enemy, will inform through this walkie-talkie channel indicating the need to detonate the bursting point.

At that time, the person responsible for blasting as long as they find the need to detonate the explosive point in their control range, immediately explode the designated explosive point in the first place.

In this way, even if more than 10 people control more than 100 detonation points, there will be no mishandling.

At the same time, Hamid’s scouts are also concentrating on each road into the mountains, the drones are always guaranteed to lag, although the night drone observation ability is greatly reduced.

But if the other side is a large mobile march, there will certainly be lights, and lights in the dark mountains, although it is difficult to be found, but the perspective of the drones can be unobstructed, so in the night is easier to find the enemy.

Walter, sitting in the cockpit of the plane, was observing the ground outside the window.

The mountainous areas of Syria are very remote and closed, and at night, there are only a few scattered points of light in the vast hilly areas. These, mostly, are villages located in the mountains, and there are also some belonging to small-scale opposition groups.

The two pilots of the aircraft are soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, because of the fear that the Syrian Air Force pilots are not experienced enough to fly, so Walter removed them with his own people.

At this moment, the captain spoke up and said, “Commander, we will arrive at the jump position in twenty minutes.”

Walter looked out the window and said thoughtfully, “This place is really too backward, it is said that many villages in the hilly areas are not connected to electricity until now.”

“Yes.” The captain nodded and said, “Most of these points of light that we can observe from above are torches burning in the villages, but anyone who has access to electricity is basically the opposition forces, and only they can afford to use generators.”

Walter smacked his lips and said, “I really can’t understand, fighting this kind of backward armed people, how can they k!ll our brothers …… there is a strong sense of the unknown in my heart, getting me a little distracted.”

The captain was busy saying, “Commander, you don’t have to worry too much, we lost the war during the day, mainly because we were light on the enemy, plus the enemy fortifications are there, we really do not have the advantage.”

“But the night raid, they certainly can not cope with!”

“Other than that, with the night vision equipment alone, I’m afraid they simply can not afford to match, even if there are estimated to be only a few sets of great equipment.”

“Once we press up a thousand people, their sets of night vision equipment are useless, even if there are more soldiers, most of them are blind, and they certainly can not carry our attack.”

Walter nodded slightly: “I hope we can wipe them out in one fell swoop this time with our divine army!!!”

Ten minutes later, the alert light inside the cabin came on.

The hatch at the rear of the plane slowly opened, and the soldiers knew very well that this was a signal to prepare for jump, so they got up and checked each other’s parachute bags.

Twenty minutes later, as the planes arrived at their jumping positions one after another, batch after batch of soldiers fell from the sky, raining down toward Hamid’s position.

Before the first paratrooper had even landed, Hamid was alerted by the scouts that they had spotted the parachutists jumping through the night sky with thermal imaging equipment.

So, everyone was pumped up and waiting for the gang to throw themselves at each other once again!