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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3307 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3307 Start

As soon as he heard Charlie say there was a way, Hamid immediately asked excitedly, “Brother, what good way do you have, hurry up and pass it on!”

Charlie opened his mouth and asked him, “I remember you said that you seemed to have purchased a batch of thermal imagers?”

“Yes!” Hamid hurriedly said: “I spent a lot of money to buy a batch of Russian-made thermal imagers, all military-grade, one can be exchanged for a Mercedes-Benz car, if you had not helped me to solve the funds, I certainly could not afford to use this thing.”

Charlie then said, “That’s good, you were doing big construction, the vigorous development of infrastructure, there should be a special demolition team, right?”

“Yes, there is.” Hamid said: “Here to open up the mountain and dig a hole we rely on blasting, usually first drilling holes in the rock, bury explosives, blasting and then on the human excavation.”

Charlie asked him, “The detonation method is electronically controlled?”

“Yes.” Hamid replied affirmatively, “Electronically controlled, each blaster equipped with detonators, after laying the wire, a twist of the switch detonation point.”

“That’s good.” Charlie said: “so, you first let your engineers in the various key defense areas lay traps, mainly choose the kind of open land suitable for paratroopers landing, and then choose a suitable blasting point.”

“Get a sufficient amount of explosives buried in the ground, covered with a large number of rusty nails, iron and various other metal objects, the principle is smaller, sharp edges a little best;”

“Then these blasting points must carefully be camouflaged so that can not be detected by people, and most importantly, the detonating wires must be hidden well, so that no one can find out the end;”

“If you have thirty detonation points, then be sure to number each detonation point and then draw a map with the location of each detonation point clearly marked;”

“If the enemy uses parachute raids at night, they certainly will not scatter and jump down and attack individually, they must first land and then quietly assemble together and turn into a whole before launching an attack:”

“So, once your thermal imaging detects that the enemy has finished assembling, immediately detonate the nearest blasting point to k!ll them extensively;”

“When the sudden explosion makes them disoriented and the debris and iron pieces cause a mass hit to them, immediately have your soldiers launch a saturation attack on the area where they are, without giving them any chance to escape!”

When Hamid heard this, he said excitedly, “Brother, I understand! I’ll arrange it right away and do everything as you said!”

Charlie admonished: “Remember, be sure to number the burst points, the best way is to your entire base and the hill are distinguished in accordance with the ABCD way, and then each area of the bursting point and then by 1, 2, 3, 4 so sorted.”

“Then if the observation of the enemy falls in the A1 area, immediately let the blaster detonate the A1 area of the bursting point, if the enemy ran to the B2 area, then immediately detonate the bursting point of B2, do not get it wrong.”

Hamid immediately said: “Brother do not worry, I will immediately order down, if anyone gets it wrong, I will shoot him!”