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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3305 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3305 Start

Soon, Joseph, who was incomparably angry in his heart, took his men and drove to Eastcliff.

On the way, Joseph received a video sent by Walter from Syria.

This was the footage taken by the scouts from the Syrian side near Hamid’s west wing positions.

When he saw the soldiers under his command, even the five-star general, being str!pped off and thrown into the cliff like dead dogs, Joseph’s lungs were about to explode with anger!

He said angrily with a gloomy expression, “Pass my order to Walter! Make sure to wipe out this man and his forces, leaving no one behind! When the time comes, I will use their corpses to pay tribute to these dead men!”

The messenger beside him immediately said, “Yes, Supreme Commander! I’ll convey your order to the Green-Eyed Wolf King!”

Joseph narrowed his eyes, his fingers kept thumbing an old gold ring on his left middle finger, and muttered under his breath, “If I didn’t have to take revenge on my parents right away, I would have gone to Syria and finished this Hamid with my own hands!”

At this moment, Hamid did not even know that he had become a great enemy that had to be eliminated in the eyes of the Lord of the Cataclysmic Front.

He only knew that the enemy had retreated and he had won, and it was as easy as winning.

Once the front and west flank positions were cleared, he found that he had killed more than three thousand enemies, while his own side had lost less than a hundred soldiers.

This was the biggest victory he had experienced so far, bar none, and it was enough to brag about for the rest of his life.

And the soldiers under his command were also rejoicing.

Originally, they thought they were going to be completely cold this time, but unexpectedly they had won a big victory, which was a great morale booster.

Zynn, who had been hiding in the anti-slope trench, was also finally relieved at this time.

He was really afraid of Hamid’s defeat, and then he was treated as a soldier under his command and was killed.

But now, it seems to be safe for the time being.

Although the war was a great victory, but unfortunately, Hamid’s base house was almost destroyed by artillery fire about 80%.

The vast majority of the soldiers’ living space is gone, as well as some supplies and personal belongings that could not be evacuated in time.

Seeing the base become a ruin, Hamid’s heart more or less regretted.

But he also knows very well, this kind of earth house built in the valley, under enemy fire is the same as paper mache, can be preserved rather strangely.

Moreover, according to the current trend, in the future, he is not afraid to eat and sleep in the pit, because the pit is really safe.

Therefore, seize the time to continue to excavate the pit and permanent fortifications, it became his immediate and urgent matter.

So, on the front slope of the mountain, the cleaning of the battlefield was not yet finished, while on the opposite slope of the mountain, the engineers and the construction team from Iraq began to take up their wind picks again and work desperately.