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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 330 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 330 Start

She walked to Claire tremblingly, and knelt directly in front of her with a plop!

Everyone in the house was stunned!

Who would have thought that the Old Mrs. Willson, who has always been aloof and arrogant, would kneel down for Claire!

This is really subverting their three views too!

Even Noah Willson didn’t expect that his mother would be so willing to pay for it to deceive Claire when they went back!

She wants to be strong all her life, and she wants to control others and let others kneel to her. When did she kneel to others?

Claire was also caught off guard, and said hurriedly: “Grandma, what are you doing? Please get up and say something!”

Old Mrs. Willson knelt in front of her and said apologetically: “Claire, it was grandma’s fault before, grandma apologizes to you! Just forgive grandma and come back to Willson’s house to help. Willson’s family can’t live without you! If not, You, the Willson family is really over, grandma begs you, come back!”

At this moment, Mrs. Willson’s attitude towards Claire has changed drastically. She no longer has the arrogance and reliance on the face to sell her terms. It is just endless regrets and pleadings.

The current Willson family is already in danger. She feels that even if she kneels down and begs, she must beg Claire back to the Willson family.

Otherwise, the huge family business will really be ruined in her own hands.

When Noah Willson saw the Old Mrs. Willson, he knelt down and begged along with her, his expression changed, and he took Harold and Wendy, followed by kneeling to the ground, begging Claire.

Seeing such a scene, Claire suddenly felt a little at a loss.

She never expected that the Old Mrs. Willson, who regarded her face as more important than her own life, could kneel down and apologize to her in front of so many people.

It seems that the Willson family nowadays is really exhausted.

Seeing that Claire was still indifferent, the Lady Willson was still in tears, begging to say: “Claire, you can have pity for your poor grandma, Willson family can’t live without you, please come back!”

After she finished speaking, she knelt on the ground and knocked directly at Claire three times, unspeakably miserable, as if she was about to kneel to death on the spot.

“I knew so, why bother?”

At this time, Charlie walked up to the Old Mrs. Willson and said coldly: “Grandma, thank you very much for coming to visit my father-in-law, but it is impossible for us to return to the Willson Group.”

With that said, he issued an eviction order and said: “Please leave now!”

The Old Mrs. Willson couldn’t stop the tears, and said angrily: “Charlie, when you had nothing to join my Willson family, we gave you food, drink, clothing, and housing, didn’t you have it? Can you be a little grateful? At this time, do you still want to split our Willson family?”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “I’m sorry, grandma, the one who feeds me is Claire and my father-in-law and mother-in-law. You have not given me anything except mocking me and calling me waste. Why should I be grateful?”

After that, Charlie’s face turned dark, and he coldly snorted: “Don’t think I don’t know what your plan is. You want to trick Claire back with bitter tricks, let Claire help the Willson Group to cooperate, and revitalize the Willson Group. Am I wrong?”