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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3298 Free Novel

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At this time, the firepower of more than thirty fire points have all been aimed at them.

Seeing that the soldiers around him had fallen by more than twenty, Robin pushed away from the soldiers in front of him and raised his assault rifle towards a fire point that was spewing fire not far away, firing back hard while shouting: “Ba5tards! I’ll take you with me even if I die!”

After saying that, he took a step and rushed out.

When the other soldiers who were still alive heard this, their blood instantly went to their heads. A group of people neatly shouted the slogan of dying together and followed Robin and rushed out.

However, this kind of suicide charge, except for making them feel less stifled, could hardly have any impact on the battlefield.

As soon as he came out, he was hit by more than ten bullets and instantly fell to the ground… dead.

The other mercenaries who followed him also did not escape this fate, one by one, like cutting wheat, were quickly k!lled, in less than 30 seconds, all k!lled in action!

This one-sided massacre lasted less than five minutes before it was over.

Afterward. Hamid’s soldiers came out of their bunkers and began to clean up the battlefield.

After the battle, there were 1,001 mercenaries, including General Robin, all of them k!lled.

On Hamid’s side, there were sixteen casualties, six of whom died and ten were injured. But none of them were life-threatening.

This was definitely a complete and utter victory.

At this moment, the commander of the frontal feint, after waiting for a long time and not seeing Robin’s army not coming from the other side, and lost nearly a thousand soldiers in this feint.

He was furious and used the radio to question why the other side still did not attack, but on the other end of the radio, no one responded.

He immediately asked his men to contact the other officers of the Cataclysmic Front, but the result was that there was no response.

This caused him to panic to the extreme.

On the battlefield, there was no way that a force of a thousand men would be lost, and the other side was not just some shrimp soldiers or crab generals. These 1,000 people are the elite of the Cataclysmic Front.

Whether it is the degree of training, combat ability, or combat literacy, they are much better than his side.

The only possibility that such a force is completely lost. The only possibility is that they have met with an untimely death ……

The other side was horrified and hurriedly withdrew all the soldiers they had sent up to feint.

At the same time, and hurriedly sent scouts, with the fastest speed to feel over to find out what happened.

An hour later. When the other side’s scouts approached the west flank slope, they immediately used a high-powered camera to observe the positions.

This look does not matter, immediately he was frightened pale.

At this moment, Hamid’s soldiers were cleaning up the battlefield on the west wing position.

As for the 1,000 elites of the Cataclysmic Front, as well as their commander, Robin, all became c0rpses covered with bullet holes.

Hamid’s soldiers were currently collecting their weapons and equipment as well as other strategic materials.

The soldiers were more interested in the weapons and ammunition carried by the elites of the Cataclysmic Front because the overall level of these weapons was better than Hamid’s army.

All of the weapons used by them were NATO-style weapons, most of which are with active U.S. forces.

While Hamid’s forces used almost all of the Soviet Union’s former Warsaw Pact-style weapons from the 1960s and 1970s and 1980s, which were quite different from each other, both in terms of level and age.

In addition to the soldiers’ interest in the weapons, they were also very fond of their desert camouflage uniforms.

Regrettably, their desert camouflage uniforms had long been beaten with countless holes and had no more use.

However, the Hamid soldiers who were good at treasure hunting found that. Although the tops of the elites of the Cataclysmic Front were all beaten into sieves, the pants were mostly intact and could be peeled off to wear.

This kind of American desert camouflage clothing, the fabric workmanship are very good, the price is not expensive than the Hamid soldiers wear broken pants out of a hundred thousand miles.

On top of that, what made the soldiers salivate even more was the boots of the elites of the Cataclysmic Front.

This gang had very expensive professional tactical boots, reasonable design, superior performance and anti-bashing, and anti-puncture, desert and mountain marching, simply a godsend.

These boots have always been in high demand in the Middle East, placed on the black market, at least several hundred dollars a pair, and there is no supply of them.

So, the scout witnessed the brutal image of Hamid’s soldiers str!pping the pants of the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front one by one, then taking off their boots, and finally throwing the b0dies into the valley.

And what made him, even more, horrified was that his camera just happened to catch the corpse of Robin, who, at this moment, had only a pair of pants left in the lower half of his body, and his entire body was shot with at least a dozen bull3t holes, while he was d3ad in a horrible way.

That scout was terrified to the extreme while fleeing in fear, he reported to his superiors by radio: “Cataclysmic …… Cataclysmic Front, all dead …… Commander Robin… …also dead ……”