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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3297 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3297 Start

When Robin led the 1,000 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front and rushed up the slope of the western flank, he had already fallen into Hamid’s encirclement on that side.

When he was worried about missing the opportunity to lead the charge, he didn’t even notice that there were already several stone gaps around him, which suddenly turned into flat black holes.

Immediately after that, the tongue of machine-gun fire instantly gushed out!

At one time, the sound of gunfire!

Robin only heard gunfire all around his ears, and before he had time to react, he heard the miserable wailing sounds coming from around him, and the sound of soldiers falling to the ground with bullets!

One thousand people were completely targeted by the muzzles of more than two hundred light and heavy machine guns as well as dozens of RPG rockets.

Then came the unstinting saturation strikes.

The bullets were wildly venting, putting down rows and rows of soldiers around Robin. It was no different from a massacre.

The sound of gunfire, explosions, just a minute or two, Robin’s team lost more than half!

His whole face was filled with horror, and he shouted: “Damn it! We’ve been ambushed! Quickly organize a breakout!”

But. How could he know that there was no longer any possibility for them to break out now?

These 1,000 people had simply fallen into a death trap surrounded by more than 3 dark forts.

No matter which direction they broke out, they were actually bumping into the gun.

They also tried to return fire, but under such firepower, they could not even find a place to hide, and it was even more difficult to return fire.

After all. Their opponents, all hidden in the steel and concrete fortifications, and their weapons are difficult to bring their opponents to effective killing.

On Hamid’s side, only a very few people were hit by the bullets fired into the fortifications.

As the number of soldiers in the Cataclysmic Front became smaller and smaller, some soldiers knew they had no hope of escaping and shouted out loud, “Quick, protect the General!”

Immediately afterward, many people in all directions shouted the words “protect the General” and surrounded Robin and few people standing around him.

Soon, he was covered by dozens of people.

Seeing his brothers falling down, Robin was filled with grief and anger, and shouted with red eyes, “Brothers, today’s ambush is all because of my poor command, I hope you can forgive me!

Several soldiers cried and said, “General, we are all your soldiers, from the day we followed you, we have never regretted!”

Robin choked up and said, “To be able to fight alongside you guys is a privilege in my three lives!”

After saying that, he gritted his teeth and said, “Now there is no hope of survival, why are you still so protective of me, all get out of the way, let me fight with these ba5tards! This way I can die with less grievance!”

Dozens of warriors from the Front had tears in their eyes. As more and more of their comrades were killed on the periphery, only 40 or 50 of them were left in a group of 1,000 people.