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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3296 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3296 Start

In order to snipe the troops of Robin’s mercenaries, Hamid’s 300 soldiers entered more than thirty fire points, then immediately closed the entrance of each fire point from the inside.

In this way, each fire point became an independent bunker, and the soldiers did not have any way of retreat inside.

Although this method has many disadvantages, but there is an advantage, that is, the soldiers inside are almost there to break the boat, must live and die with the bunker, so their will to fight is very high.

Each fire point is configured from five to ten men depending on the size of the area and the angle of the design.

Inside, the firepower configuration was light and heavy machine guns and RPGs.

In addition to this, there is a very adequate ammunition reserve, as well as enough food and drinking water to last for more than a month.

From this point alone, it is enough to see how strong Hamid’s sense of strategic reserve is now.

He even plans to use a few years to open up a strategic base of several hundred thousand cubic meters of space inside the surrounding mountains.

By then, including weapons and ammunition, food and drug, fuel supplies, all can achieve huge amounts of storage.

What’s more ruthless is that he wants to dig several equipment depots at the foot of the mountain.

At that time, armored vehicles and helicopter gunships are all stored in them, and even if the government troops keep bombing for a month, they can’t bring him substantial damage.

At this time, the frontal battlefield feint had been carried out for five minutes.

Originally, there were five minutes left before the attack time set by Robin’s mercenaries.

However, Robin, seeing the heavy casualties of friendly troops, was afraid that these guys would not last more than ten minutes before being repulsed.

Once the opponent’s feint was repulsed, then he could no longer flank the opponent and catch them off guard.

So, after roughly confirming the location of Hamid’s fire point, Robin rushed to the 1,000 elites and said, “Brothers, we’re not waiting! Everyone join me to avenge the death of our brothers! We will take Hamid’s head to pay tribute to the brothers who just died!”

As soon as they heard this, the crowd chanted the slogan of vowing to take Hamid’s head!

Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm, Robin nodded with satisfaction and continued,

“Once we meet the enemy head-on, no one should be soft or hesitant! As long as the enemy, regardless of men, women, and children, must be k!lled on the spot, and strive for a shot to the head! Do you understand?”

The group of people firmly nodded heavily, the color of murder overflowed.

“Good!” Robin only felt a surge of blood boiling, and he immediately shouted, “Charge!”

As the 1,000 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front rushed up with Robin, at least half of Hamid’s 300 soldiers were able to observe this army directly through the slits of the hidden firing ports.

And they did not return fire, but each of them is holding his breath, afraid to make any noise by the other side to be found.

The reason why they haven’t returned fire is that the mercenaries of the Cataclysmic Front have not yet entered the middle of their fire coverage network.

Since they were fighting an ambush, they naturally had to wait until the enemy reached the middle of the ambush circle before firing.

Only in this way, while striking the enemy on all fronts, can they cut off all the enemy’s retreats, so that they have nowhere to hide.

Even, there should be nowhere to retreat for them!