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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3295 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3295 Start

Ten minutes later, the shelling against Hamid’s position stopped on time.

On the front battlefield, three thousand soldiers carrying hundreds of RPG rockets once again charged toward Hamid’s position.

The group had already been beaten back once and knew that the enemy firepower was fierce, so the second time they launched the attack, each of them was nervous for fear of accidentally getting k!lled.

But the military order was in front of them, and although they were afraid, they could only go forward with their heads held high.

Soon, they entered the fire range of Hamid’s fortifications again.

Hamid naturally showed no mercy to this kind of leek that came to his door and immediately ordered to fire and k!ll as many enemies as possible.

The second round of fire was exchanged between the two sides, and it was immediate!

The attacking soldiers were in groups of five, one of whom used shoulder-launched RPGs to bombard the fortifications.

While the remaining four all used machine guns as well as assault rifles to provide him with fire cover to ensure that the RPGs would hit the opposing fortifications.

This is the only tactic taught to them by the army that can play a small role in the offensive battle.

Originally, the government commander thought that as long as the RPGs were moved up, they would not dare to take out all of Hamid’s fortifications, but at least they would blow up three or five of his fortifications and make him nervous.

Once he was nervous, he would naturally put more troops and energy into the front, which greatly enhance the chances of success of the flanking detour tactic.

But what he didn’t expect was that Hamid’s fortifications were built very obscenely.

The front of each fortification was reinforced and camouflaged in layers along the positive slope of the mountain itself.

Under this circumstance, the attacker carrying an RPG from the bottom to the top of the mountain, the trajectory of the shot is almost parallel to the positive slope of the mountain, so it is difficult to hit the fortifications.

In this way, the rocket either grazes the sloping surface of the fortification or hits it at a very small angle.

For this kind of rocket, the real power must be a ninety-degree angle focus on the front, otherwise, once grazing the edge of the explosion, basically with scratching nothing different.

Moreover, even if such a small angle hit, the probability will be directly refracted out of the rocket, not only fails to destroy the enemy, refracted out of the rocket but also scattered around, accidentally wound a lot of their own people.

Robin and his men were still looking through the binoculars, desperately recording the location of each of Hamid’s fortifications.

While observing, Robin ordered, “We will launch a sneak attack later, we must use the fastest time to take out all these fortifications, once we take care of them, Hamid’s base will be defenseless! We will be able to win easily!”

The commanders at all levels around him immediately patted their chests and promised that they would definitely pull out all these known fire points.

However, they had no idea that right in front of them, on the seemingly undefended western flank, there were more than thirty fire points.

Long before Robin’s mercenaries led the team to feel over, Hamid’s three hundred soldiers had already ambushed in one step ahead.

Originally, according to the plan, the interior of these fire points were to be completely opened up with pits by Hamid.

And the interior of the pit should also be built with multiple firewalls, once the enemy enters the channel from a certain point, it can immediately use the firewall to isolate the enemy in a very small area, thus avoiding internal infiltration by the enemy.

This design, like the interior of a ship, to have multiple waterproof doors.

The function of the waterproof doors is that if a location ruptures to fill with seawater, it immediately closes all the waterproof doors in this area to prevent seawater from filling the other cabins, thus maximizing the safety of the ship.

Unfortunately, this wave of government forces attack came too quickly, Hamid simply did not have time to build such a large project, so he could only first build some independent hidden fire points.