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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3291 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3291 Start

The words of Joseph shocked Chengfeng to the core.

If just now he still wanted to take advantage of Joseph, then he was now really very admiring of him.

A young man less than thirty years old, able to develop to such a scale in the world of guns and bullets, simply admirable beyond measure.

So, he took the initiative to lift a glass of wine and said from the bottom of his heart: “Joseph! I have never admired anyone in my life, Changying of the Wade family is the first, you are the second, come, I toast to you!”

When Joseph heard the word Changying, his expression was slightly cold, then he looked at Chengfeng and asked seriously, “Grandpa, was Changying really as strong as the legend?”

Chengfeng nodded and said heartily: “Although I have deep grudges with the Wade family, but I have to admit that Changying was indeed very strong, think back when he reigned, including me, I do not know how many people gnashed their back teeth, lamenting in their hearts to have a son like him …… “

Joseph looked serious, and asked: “Grandpa, I want to know, Changying in the end what made him strong.”

Chengfeng lamented, “Hmm …… Changying this person, seems to be a scholar, very elegant, but he was not what the martial arts people are, can not be said to be unarmed, but compared with the martial arts people, he was about normal.”

Joseph asked again, “Then why does everyone think he was very strong?”

Chengfeng pondered for a moment and said very seriously, “The word strong may not necessarily be a hard fist, the most powerful thing about Changying, I personally think there are three points.”

“Which three points?”

Chengfeng said: “First, was his strong personality! You know, most people are born to disobey others, most people are born not to be led by others, but Changying’s charisma makes many people willingly follow him and obey him;”

“Second, was his unparalleled personal ability! Changying had an extraordinary strategic thinking and big picture view, he was truly a top genius in the business world who could plan between the tent and win beyond a thousand miles;”

“Third, was his unusual self-control ability!”

“Changying, never because the situation was optimistic and overly adventurous, and not because the situation was pessimistic and overly cautious, just like the fast-changing futures market.

Changying could in the extremely rapid rise in the market, firm in reaching the predetermined target immediately after the liquidation of positions, even if everyone was bullish to do long.

“All think that later will continue to rise, he would not change his predetermined target, this point the vast majority of people could not do!”

“In addition, the Changying had many fans, like his women from Eastcliff to Zhonghai, from China to foreign, there was no lack of initiative to send embrace, but he would turn away all the temptation, I only saw this one man who could do this!”

Speaking of this, Chengfeng sighed: “In short, this person was in my life, was the most admired one!”

Hearing this, Joseph could not help but frown and asked, “Changying was so powerful, why did he die? Who exactly killed him? There are rumors outside that it was the Su family that killed him, I wonder if it’s credible?”