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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 329 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 329 Start

In order to expose the true colors of this group of people, Charlie said: “I just said that it is okay to move back to live. After all, they are all a family, but now Claire’s studio is already in operation, so I have to say in advance. She won’t go back to work in the Willson Group again!”

“What?!” The Old Mrs. Willson suddenly seemed to have been stepped on her tail, and instantly jumped up and said: “How can it be done! I said, not only do the family need to live together, but the energy must also be used! Back to the Willson family, but not to the Willson Group?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Grandma, you just said that it was for the convenience of taking care of father-in-law, that’s why you invited our family back. It doesn’t matter if we go back, we also agreed, but going back to the Willson Group is not the same as going home. Right?”

“No!” Mrs. Willson said categorically, “Since she has returned to the Willson family, she must return to work in the Willson Group at first!”

After that, she continued to flicker Claire, saying: “Claire, your company has just opened, and there is no business yet. It is very difficult to run a company by yourself. How can you handle it? It is better to shut down the company. Back to the Willson Group, in that case, your life will definitely be more comfortable and easier!”

Claire also smacked an unusual smell from Mrs. Willson’s words.

It seems that Charlie is right. The Lady Willson’s desire for her family to return to the Willson family is a fake, but it is true that she wants to return to the Willson Group!

In this case, Mrs. Willson tossed over and over again, in fact, she was trying everything she could to get her back.

Then all her performance just now should be all performances, right?

Thinking of this, her back felt cold!

If Charlie hadn’t reacted quickly, she might have been fooled!

So she hurriedly said to Mrs. Willson: “Grandma, I am very grateful that you have invited our family back to live, but Charlie is right. Going back to live, and going back to work are two different things, not to be confused, so I have to solemnly tell you that I can go back to live, but it is impossible to return to the Willson Group. I want to run my own studio.”

Seeing Claire so determined, the Old Mrs. Willson hated Charlie in her heart!

She had done so much work and acted in so many plays, but Charlie was not confused by a word!

This is d*mn it!

She hurriedly played the bitter trick again, crying, and said: “Claire, do you hate grandma so much? Go home to live and come back to work. Our family strives to create a new situation and a new height. This is not perfect. Is it the situation? Why do you have to guard your own studio?”

After speaking, she wiped her tears and asked: “Aren’t you willing to forgive grandma now?”

Claire said seriously: “Grandma, this matter has nothing to do with forgiveness or not forgiveness. It’s just that I understand one thing now. Sending someone under the fence is not the answer. The best way is to have a world of your own, even if It’s just an eave that can shelter from the wind and rain, and it’s much better than sending someone under a fence. Therefore, I chose to start my own business instead of returning to the Willson Group!

Jacob and Elaine comforted one after another: “Claire, why are you still so stubborn? How nice to go back! Much better than your own business!”

Claire said without hesitation: “Dad and Mom, this is my own personal decision. Don’t say it anymore. You can’t change my attention.”

Mrs. Willson knew that victory or defeat was in one fell swoop!

If Claire was unwilling to go back, it would be useless to talk about Jacob and Elaine as cumbersome and rubbish.

Therefore, she could only grit her teeth secretly and at the same time used her own assassin!