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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3287 Free Novel

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Joseph’s ambition immediately made Chengfeng extremely excited.

Even he would not dare to do such an outrageous thing to the Wade family.

Think about it, if in this top luxury circle, someone has stripped the ancestral graves of another family, and also raised the ashes of others, and finally to hog the ancestral graves of others, is there any law?

And if you really do such a vicious thing, how to mix in this circle in the future? Who will cooperate with such a person?

After all, this is a beast that does not move to plow people’s ancestral graves.

However, although Chengfeng also felt that the revenge plan of Joseph was a bit shocking, but once he thought that the target of his revenge was the Wade family, he was so excited that he almost roared out.

“Now someone is going to dig up the ancestral grave of the Wade family and then force that old dog Zhongquan to wear sackcloth and mourn to bury Arthur, is there anything more enjoyable in this world than this?”

“No more, absolutely no more!”

“If this can really become a reality, then the Wade family is completely finished, what qualifications does a family that can’t even guard its ancestral tomb have to come out and make a fool of itself?”

“What else will there be in the future that will put them in their eyes?”

When he thought of this, Chengfeng stepped forward and held Joseph, who was kneeling on one knee, and said with excitement, “Joseph! If you really want to do this, I will help you to get justice for your parents!”

Joseph shook his head and said seriously, “I want to personally avenge my parents’ death, Grandpa you don’t need to interfere!”

Hearing these words, Chengfeng was even more pleased with him.

He actually did not want to get involved in this kind of thing, because once he did, he would have to take the blame along with Joseph.

The company is a mercenary and does not mix with the rich and powerful circle in the country, so he does not have to care, how people in the circle see him.

What’s more important is that Joseph is at least famous, after all, he wants to avenge his parents.

But if the Su family is also involved in this matter, then it is a master without a name.

Since the person committing this has no name in the circle, it will naturally fall into no one’s lap, Chengfeng also does not want to be involved in such trouble.

So, he waved his hand and said quickly: “You want to avenge your parents with your own ability. This I understand very well, but, after all, yours is a mercenary organization outside the country, if there are any problems that are not easy to handle at home, feel free to contact me!”

“Good.” Joseph answered, said with a resolute gaze: “Please rest assured that Grandpa, after I have eliminated the Wade family, I will do my best to find Uncle’s whereabouts!”

“Back then, my parents’ funeral was organized thanks to Uncle, and when my parents’ tomb is moved to Waderest Mountain, I also hope that Uncle could be present to be a witness!”

“Good! Good! Good!” Chengfeng said with great emotion, “If Zynn knew that you had achieved this today and could return to your country to avenge your parents’ death, he would be overjoyed!”

“You do not know, for so many years, Zynn was overwhelmed by the death of your parents he felt hard to be at peace, I do not know how many times in front of me he mentioned this ……”

Joseph clenched his fist: “I will not let Uncle disappointed!”